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ableneo strengthens its position on US-market through new partnership with Off Center

ableneo US, LLC, a strategic partner for technology and process enablement in the fast-growing scale-up customer segment, is entering into a new partnership with Chicago-based creative agency Off Center, creating a complete service offering for start-ups and scale-ups across the US.

While ablenoe’s core competency remains in enabling customers to build their digital capabilities in agile, data, applications or the cloud, Off Center presents a complimentary service offering rooted in creating strong brand foundations through design, technology, and marketing services. Both organizations have a shared language in their passion for technology, which will enable a smooth integration of the creative, product and engineering processes covered in the joint offering.

While in a typical start-up, the branding phase happens in the very early stage of the company lifecycle, followed eventually by actual product development; often they are at odds with one another, caused by re-branding, re-positioning or a change of the underlying service offering.

For inquiries:

6422 Etzel Ave #161
Saint Louis, MO 63133

off center
1765 N. Elston Ave
Chicago, IL 60642



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