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Better Experience Matters

UX and Service Design becomes an integral part of ableneo’s strategy, tactics and operations.

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash
Peter Meluš, Head of CX & UX at ableneno

What does ableneo do from now on?

1. Product Discovery at the beginning of projects to foster shared understanding

2. Mapping and Wireframing

3. User Research & Usability Testing — reducing risk through testing with real users, on real tasks, in real life business situations, as ASAP as possible — or as often as possible

4. High fidelity prototypes

5. UX Copywriting — no lorem ipsum anymore

Data Interlude: Impact of UX & Service Design in Business




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The mission of ableneo is to enable organizations to adopt complex changes related to people, process, and technology. We are the innovation enablers.