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Nov 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Part #1: How to search for information, where I can try Javascript.

JavaScript is a cross-platform, scripting language used to make web pages interactive. (What is javascript on MDN)

JavaScript is a cross-platform source:

What is ECMAScript?

ECMAScript or ES is a standardized specification for a general purpose scripting language. JavaScript is a language that conforms to ECMAScript specification.

I search Javascript basics every day.

Where you can find information

Prefer JavaScript documentation on MDN (Mozilla developer network):

  • Learn Web Development provides information for beginners and introduces basic concepts of programming and the Internet.
  • JavaScript Guide (this guide) provides an overview of the JavaScript language and its objects.
  • JavaScript Reference provides detailed reference material for JavaScript.

Bookmark JavaScript Reference on MDN in your browser. I highly recommend to not use W3school. There is even chrome extension to remove W3school from search results.

Run javascript in your browser


Learn more on

  • you can click on the green button to run your embedded javascript code bellow
  • you can open website and create new “Hello world” example

REPL: read => eval => print loop

  • reading single user input => evaluates them => and then returns the result to the user
  • The console is javascript REPL for browser developer tools
  • is a web platform providing REPL for various languages


  • more then a REPL, it will provide us full-featured editor to write React in the browser
React example using

ableneo Technology

Application Development, Data Science, Experience Platforms

Marcel Mokos

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I'm fanatic to next generation Javascript lambda, yield, async/await everything. I admire typescript and flow types. Javascript will ultimately rule the world.

ableneo Technology

Application Development, Data Science, Experience Platforms

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