How to create a custom blogger domain 2017

When there are numerous platforms available to create a blog, what’s the need of creating a blog with google’s blogger?

There are a lot of reasons behind for creating a blog in google’s blogger.

It is free to host.

Little easy for beginners to post alone.

Easy to examine posts status.

And lot more.

This post helps you to setup a custom blogger domain with your Blogspot domain.

so if you don’t know buy a domain check out this article how to buy a domain name.

Now let us look at the steps to

setup a custom blogger domain

Visit google’s blogger (click here)

Sign in with your Gmail account.

If you own a, you will see a blogger dashboard with lot of menus on left side


you will see a dialogue box like the image below, which tells you to create a Blogspot name in your blogger.

blogpost custom domain

And you can create your blog by giving a title with a theme and blog URL like “”.

Now you own a Blogspot domain from google.

nowadays google domain suggest you to buy a website from blogspot account itself and google domain also provide a lot of features as domain provider.

now click settings from the left menu.

you will see a lot of sub menus like

  • Basic,
  • post, comments, and sharing
  • Email,
  • Language and formatting.

click on basic and you will see a dialogue box like the image shown below

In the publishing section, you can see blog address label.

Don’t get afraid of warning message above the link its common.

where you can see the link as “Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog”.

click on the “Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog” link.

when you made a click, it will ask you for your custom domain name to enter in the box with www.

let the “Use a missing files host?” be NO, don’t change it.

when you type your domain correctly and save, you will see some google URL like the one in below image

and now this is the important step

open your notepad and make a copy of

Name, Label or Host field & Destination, Target or points to field.

now its time to connect your domain with these details to blogger for making your website live.

Now login to your domain account which may be GoDaddy or any other domain name provider.

In this example, I will go by GoDaddy.

Don’t worry if you use other domain name provider, all the domain settings are same, User Interface changes.

login to your GoDaddy account.

click on to your profile which is the right side of the top right bottom.

on clicking your profile, you will see a label called manage my domains, click on it.

after clicking manage my domains you will see a page like this.

click on the settings icon in the top right and you can see domain settings and manage

click manage DNS on it.

you will be redirected to below page which shows like this

you will see an add button at the end, scroll to see.

when you click on add button you will get a box like this

click on the type and you will see various options as A, CNAME, Name Servers and goes on .now first add A record with the following IP’s

now first add A record with the following IP’s

Host value for the IP is @

points to Each IP.

TTL is 1 hour.

Note: each IP differs, and you have to add each IP.

So you have to add 4 A records by clicking type A.

after adding 4 A records, click on the type and you will see CNAME.

click on CNAME and add the CNAME you got from your blogger account.

which in my case

As same as you did it A record,

type www for host and points to

and add another CNAME for that

type the code which you got from blogger dashboard in my case, the host is momru3uregbm

and points to

Note: make sure you have made the step correct else your website won’t live.

adding records for your domain is completed.

now go to your blogger dashboard where you will see a blog address under basic settings as I said earlier.

under your blog address, you will see small a check box saying that

Redirect to

please click the checkbox and click save.

what does this mean?

it means when you type your domain without www it will redirect you to by automatically appending www in beginning of your domain name.

now your website will be live if it doesn’t wait for two-three hours.

because the records update may take hours.

if you are stuck at any step, comment and let me know and I will guide you.

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