Ably Debugging Tales Part 1 — An Elixir Erlang Mystery | Ably Blog: Data in Motion

Eve Martin
Jul 30, 2019 · 6 min read

Part 1 — Debugging in Elixir Erlang

$ curl https://staging-translator-realtime.ably.io/nonexistantpath -v < HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error * Server Cowboy is not blacklisted < server: Cowboy
=INFO REPORT==== application: logger exited: shutdown type: permanent =ERROR REPORT==== Error in process <0.438.0> with exit value: {[{reason,undef}, {mfa,{'Elixir.AppName.Web.CatchAll',handle,2}}, {stacktrace, [{'Elixir.Inspect.List',inspect, [[], #{'__struct__' => 'Elixir.Inspect.Opts', width => 80, ...}], []}, {'Elixir.Kernel',inspect,2,[{file,"lib/kernel.ex"},{line,1566}]}, {'Elixir.AppName.Web.CatchAll',handle,2, [{file,"lib/web/catch_all.ex"},{line,11}]}, ...
Logger.warn "Unknown path: #{:cowboy_req.path(request) |> elem(0)}, params: #{:cowboy_req.qs_vals(request) |> elem(0) |> inspect}"
Logger.debug "Some data structures: #{inspect {%{}, [], MapSet.new, 0.1, 1..2, ~r//, :a, <<1>>}}"
if File.exists?('/tmp') logger.info 'Cleaning up temp files older than 2 days' warn 'Could not delete old temp files' unless system( 'sudo find /tmp -type f -mtime +2 -exec rm -f {} \;' ) end
def slug_volume(slug_path) # use an overlayfs mount so that the container cannot change files in the # underlying slug directory - tmp = Dir.mktmpdir("slug-") - run "sudo mount -t overlayfs \ - -o lowerdir=#{slug_path},upperdir=#{tmp} overlayfs #{tmp}" + FileUtils.mkdir_p "/slugs/mnt" + mnt = Dir.mktmpdir("slug-", "/slugs/mnt") + run "sudo mount -t overlayfs \ + -o lowerdir=#{slug_path},upperdir=#{mnt} overlayfs #{mnt}" { - host: tmp, + host: mnt, guest: "/app" } end

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