CCV Shop integrates Tikkie Fast Checkout

Case Study

Customers of CCV Shop have access to a webshop module. With this module customers can set up their own online store. Every part, from the shop window to the shopping basket. Since last year, CCV Shop offers a new payment method: Tikkie Fast Checkout.

With Tikkie Fast Checkout a webshop visitor can make a purchase quickly. Did you register yourself at Tikkie once? Then you can pay directly from a product page. Entering login and billing info is no longer required — even at a webshop you have never visited before. In this manner, the risk of a buyer withdrawing at the last moment during the payment process becomes much smaller.

Unique collaboration between Tikkie and CCV Shop

CCV Shop came to Tikkie by themselves, says Guido Berben, Partner Manager at Tikkie. ‘They had the idea that connected webshops and their customers needed a super-fast checkout method. So during a hackathon, developers of CCV started to use the Tikkie Fast Checkout API. They presented the idea to their board and emailed us if they could go live. That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday we signed a cooperative agreement and on Thursday Tikkie Fast Checkout was available in the webshop module of CCV Shop.’

Guido is very happy with the cooperation. ‘CCV Shop has about 17 thousand online stores. The largest part is SME and SME plus. Exactly the kind of companies for which we have build Tikkie for business. This cooperation is confirming that we are on the right track. That our solution solves a problem. This also became very clear on the day when the webshop module went live. We immediately had 85 new applications for Tikkie for business.’