SKIPPEN: Pay with Tikkie in the SPAR University shop!

Case Study

Supermarkets are aiming on a higher customer experience and more ease of use. Waiting in line for the checkout is still one of the biggest annoyances and most supermarkets are already using self-scan checkouts to speed up the payment process. The next level is a supermarket without a checkout. After a year of testing Amazon opened its first supermarket with no checkout in Seattle. In the Dutch market Albert Heijn announced to launch a ‘Tap and Go’ concept to all AH To Go supermarkets in the summer of this year, but the scoop goes to SPAR University and Tikkie with SKIPPEN!

SPAR University is the innovative supermarket concept of SPAR at University campuses across the Netherlands focused on students and the fast student life. Since 2012 already, they only use self checkouts to speed up the line and decrease the use of cash in payments. The logical next step was to ‘Skip the line’ with the SPAR University app.

With a race to the clock to be the first in the Netherlands a match was made between app-builder SocialBrothers, POS software Countr and payment app Tikkie to create SKIPPEN. As the most used peer-to-peer payment app with a strong base among students Tikkie was the preferred method of pay for SKIPPEN. In only 2 months a scan functionality, shopping cart, Tikkie API and loyalty program was integrated in the SPAR University app which is widely adopted by students.

SKIPPEN is very simple to use:

  1. Grab & scan your product(s)
  2. Pay with Tikkie & skip the line
  3. Check out & get your reward


During lunch hour the SPAR University supermarkets turn into one big cue with students waiting for their turn to pay at the self-scan kassa’s, so the first goal of SKIPPEN is very obvious: Offer students a faster and friendly mobile check-out!

For Tikkie this is the first in-app Tikkie experience! And the first dynamic payment flow where the consumer doesn’t pay per product, but for the total basket.

Most important question: will the student experience a better, faster and funnier shopping journey with SKIPPEN? Sofar the signs are looking good, Skippen was introduced at one SPAR University in Utrecht and students are already trying to use SKIPPEN in the other SPAR University stores!

How it works

When all products are scanned and the total sum is calculated the Tikkie request is generated in the app, when the Tikkie payments is done the students automatically returns from the Tikkie-thank-you page to the SPAR University app where a unique QR-code is generated to collect the reward (a free cup of coffee or a free lunch). Important criteria for SPAR University to use Tikkie were that fast conformation of the successful payment and the possibility to return to the app for the unique reward QR-code. The webhook in the Tikkie API is essential for the first criteria to receive the successful payment conformation and the customizable Tikkie-thank-you page offered to possibility to return to the SPAR University app via a deeplink.

What’s next?

SKIPPEN offers a new shopping experience, solves problems for the consumer and creates new opportunities for the merchant. Ultimately we would like every store in the Netherlands to accept SKIPPEN in the near the future. The Tikkie API is open for business and we are constant on the lookout for new business propositions like SKIPPEN.

Questions we would like to answer with Tikkie are:

  1. Where do consumers face a problem in their customer journey?
  2. Can merchants create new opportunities?
  3. Can merchants improve the customer journey, consumer payment behavior and turnover by using Tikkie?

Tikkie is open, easy and for everyone, and so is the API! Try it and surprise us with your idea, in the end we realize that our clients are more creative and know their business better than we do!