Tikkie and FinDock team up for Salesforce

Case Study

In an exclusive arrangement with ABN AMRO Tikkie, FinDock is launching full Tikkie integration enabling Salesforce customers of any size to use Tikkie directly from within Salesforce.

With over 6 million users, Tikkie is one of the most popular payment methods in the Netherlands. Until now, organizations using Tikkie had to either manually add Tikkie payment information into their Salesforce data or leave it out entirely. With Tikkie for FinDock, all Tikkie payment data is added to Salesforce automatically, and that’s just the beginning!

Tikkie for FinDock opens the door to many new possibilities for nonprofits and commercial enterprises alike. Directly from Salesforce, you can do everything from generate Tikkie payment requests (both QRs and URLs) to adding them in, for instance, emails or fundraising campaigns, to easily reconciling received Tikkie payments using FinDock’s Guided Matching.

You can generate Tikkies and, for example, send them to customers as an easy alternative payment method for missed direct debit payments. Agents can instantly generate Tikkies with FinDock’s Quick Tikkie from any object in Salesforce and add the QR or URL to direct customer communications inside or outside Salesforce.

“At FinDock we know the beautiful simplicity of Tikkie,” says Stefan van der Knaap, Product Manager at FinDock. “It is exactly the kind of game-changing FinTech that we expected to arise. We want FinDock to be a Customer Payment Management solution that allows our customers to adopt new FinTech and create truly personalized payment journeys, so it made perfect sense for us to work with ABN AMRO Tikkie and make their service available in Salesforce.”

Tikkie for Findock is generally available for all FinDock customers with the May 2020 release update.

About FinDock
Today’s customers expect an integrated, personalized and truly connected experience when paying for goods and services or donating to their favorite charities. FinDock, the first Customer Payment Management solution 100% native to Salesforce, provides the ingredients for building relationships instead of just processing transactions. As an open, modular platform, FinDock ensures organizations can easily adapt to the latest FinTech while putting payment management at the heart of CRM. For more information, visit www.findock.com.

About Tikkie
Tikkie allows users to make easy payments quickly via WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS and QR code. Tikkie was launched in 2016 and now has 6 million users. It is an ABN AMRO initiative that can be used free of charge by anyone with a Dutch current account. Companies can also integrate Tikkie in various ways within their own business operations. For more information, visit www.tikkie.me and developer.abnamro.com for the API.




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