Podcast: Building Applied ML Startups

It was a pleasure sitting down with Tim Shi of Cresta and Saam Motamedi of Greylock to discuss building companies around machine learning technology!

It’s one thing to add machine learning and artificial intelligence to existing software, but it’s quite another to build a company with ML at its core like both Abnormal Security and Cresta. In this podcast episode, we discuss common hurdles we face building these companies especially cold start problems, and the importance of customer partnerships early on.

Listen here:

You have to be very flexible. When starting a company, you really want to solve the problems that the customers have and not just go and do data science off in a void, but at the same time, these are tough machine learning problems that cannot be solved without careful algorithm and data design.

If solving hard ML and engineering problems for stopping cyber-attacks interests you, yes Abnormal is hiring! Please message me if curious to learn more and see open roles at https://lnkd.in/ePwUxhi




Tales from Abnormal Engineering as we build the next generation of AI cyber security

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Jeshua Bratman

Jeshua Bratman

Founding engineer and Head of ML at Abnormal Security. I write about AI, ML, Data Science, and Cyber Security mixed with some comedy

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