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ArtList is joining Artnet

Jan 11, 2017 · 2 min read

To our friends and ArtList users:

Today, we’re happy to announce that . This opens an exciting new chapter.

ArtList started two years ago with a revolutionary idea: you can buy and sell fine art online, without an auction house, directly from owner to owner, at a flat 10% commission.

We have made huge progress serving thousands of art lovers worldwide and receiving more than $100m in fantastic inventory from collectors all over the world. We are now joining forces with Artnet to continue the adventure at a larger scale.

Some memories we shared with you

What’s next?

As of today, ArtList cofounders Astrid and Kenneth will be joining the Artnet leadership team, Kenneth as Chief Marketing Officer and Astrid in the auction department. At Artnet, we will focus on growth, improving user experience, and brand — bringing our experience and enthusiasm to the mix. We will also continue to build an amazing team (we’re ).

Maxime is building new business called (with Kenneth as a partner), which builds apps and robots that solve startup needs. They already have two products — one for and one for .

The ArtList website will not be live anymore, but if you want to take a look at what we built in the last 2 years, please

Why Artnet?

is the leading online platform for information about the art market and for live art auctions. It’s the most established, reliable and only publicly traded online art player. At Artnet we’ll be able to keep working with collectors to help them buy and sell fantastic art.

Both ArtList and Artnet share a vision to transform the art market through technology, making it safe, fast and fair to buy or sell works of art and providing accurate and timely information to collectors worldwide. Stay tuned to see the new things we’ll build there :)


We would like to thank you, our users, for helping make ArtList a reality. In particular, we are grateful to our brilliant team, investors, artists, collectors, galleries and supporters. You were the early adopters and we hope you learned as much as we did.

6 months ago we had ceased public operations of ArtList, but since then we have continued to work hard in the background with active buyers and sellers, as well as preparing this new chapter with Artnet.

En avant, marche!

ArtList cofounders — Kenneth Schlenker, Maxime Germain, Astrid de Maismont

Welcome to ArtList

Buy outstanding art directly from private collections worldwide. We write stories about them. artlist.co


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Welcome to ArtList

Buy outstanding art directly from private collections worldwide. We write stories about them. artlist.co