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Welcome to ArtList

ArtList Update: Making It Simple

Since the early days, we have been excited about making the art market fast, secure and fair. We imagined a world were the best works of art do not come with opaque fees and inflexible auction schedules, but are available directly from a website at any time for a 10% fee.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

Today, just in time for Frieze Art Fair and 3 months since our launch, we are thrilled to announce a major update for ArtList, which takes us one step closer to our vision.

🔥 Check it out 🔥

Here’s what’s new:

Private sales, simplified

You’re now one click away from sending a request to view a private artwork.

When you click on “View Artwork”, you’re letting the seller know of your interest. They have 72 hours to review your profile and unlock the image to you. You can then negotiate anonymously via chat.

Profile Status

We now grant Certified Collector Status to users who own privately at least 3 works of auction house quality fine art.

Certified Collector status will increase your access to private sales, while maintaining your anonymity.

Get Certified Collector Status


New homepage, artwork pages and improved mobile experience.

Our homepage now features up to 5 artworks that are trending, renewed every week.

Our new artworks pages highlight images and key info, and now have a fully functioning zoom.

We have worked hard to make our mobile experience seamless and stable.


We have expended our offer to include prime artworks by established contemporary artists at up to $1m in value, like this Albert Oehlen painting or this Andy Warhol set. We have had 300+ artworks listed to date.

We now give free evaluation for any artwork by an artists with a strong secondary market. Get your free evaluation.

Outside of product, we have had an exciting 3 months of existence. We started a partnership with online publication Art Market Monitor, private collector dinners, planned a party in NYC for Frieze Art Fair making it to Artnet’s top happenings not to miss. Much more to come.

Questions? Feedback? Love? Hate? Please write us contact@artlist.co



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