Cindy Sherman, Aaron Garber-Maikovska & Sam Gilliam

The 3 shows to see in NYC & LA.

1. Sam Gilliam @ David Kordansky Gallery
June 4 — July 9

Gilliam’s Drape paintings (New American Paintings)

From the many styles and aesthetics included within the expansive oeuvre of Sam Gilliam, David Kordansky Gallery has chosen to focus on his large-scale paintings fro the late 1960s and early 1970s. Gilliam created these major works as he began experimenting with the Beveled-edge and Drape paintings that would become some of his most well known. The pieces on display are reflections of the major moment of transition that Gilliam was experiencing inside his studio just as, on a more macro scale, Western society experienced its own major social shifts.

On view at 5140 W. Edgewood Pl. Los Angeles, CA.

2. Cindy Sherman @ Metro Pictures
May 5 — June 11

(Metro Pictures)

Cindy Sherman inaugurates Metro Picture’s renovated gallery space with a new series of photographs, her first new body of work since 2012. Known for her self-portrait pieces that delve into the complexities of womanhood and self-identity, Sherman’s newest works examine femininity as it was defined in the 1920s. Her photos capture the decadence and relative sexual liberation of the era. She also frequently alludes to the presence of Hollywood and films, both a nod to the popularity of films at the time and a recognition of the exhibitionism of artistic creation.

On view at 519 West 24th Street, New York, NY.

3. Aaron Garber-Maikovska @ Clearing Gallery
May 3 — June 26


In his first solo exhibition with the Clearing, Garber-Maikovska showcases a new video piece he created while on a Californian road trip. The work, which takes place outside a hardware store, uses multiple fixed cameras to capture the artist’s movements and sounds. By disrupting our quotidian, single frame perspective, the film abstracts the actions unfolding, the words uttered and even the commercial backdrop. Both creator and protagonist, Garber-Maikovska becomes a transcendent, almost Shaman-like character, forcing us to reexamine that which we so readily assume to know.

On view at 396 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.