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Welcome to ArtList

🎉 Happy 250th birthday!

Christie’s and Sotheby’s are 250 years old companies that control in duopoly roughly 2/3 of the global secondary art market. They’ve been a duopoly for so long that they’re missing the revolution that will make them irrelevant.


Here’s what the world looks like in the secondary art market duopoly:

The new world order

There’s a revolution happening — technology has made it faster and easier than ever to buy and sell fine art. It also makes the duopoly irrelevant.

“100,000s of digital images emailed to collectors to reserve or even buy works before the official opening.”

The NYT reporting on Art Basel. It could also be said for all gallery exhibitions happening everywhere across the world today..

If it’s now easier to make deals happen by email — why do we need Auction Houses and their 20–50% fees?

The obvious answer is access — Christie’s and Sotheby’s employ hundreds of sales people globally who’s job is connect the dots, between what someone is looking to buy and what someone else wants to sell.

What next?

Today sent 100 custom made t-shirts to people who we think will like to wear it (for different reasons) including Frank Stella, Richard Prince, Marina Picasso, Roberta Smith, Steven Murphy, Wayde Guyton, Chuck Close, Lawrence Weiner, David Rockefeller, Jerrold Nadler, Sam Francis, Adam Lindemann, Simon de Pury, David Zwirner, Marina Abramovic, Sam Falls, Josh Baer and Thomas P. Campbell.


We have many talented friends who work or used to work for Sotheby’s and Christie’s — they are extremely knowledgeable, hard working and doing their best. Some of them love our t-shirt. We know first and foremost they care about art, and they care about collectors.

At ArtList, we think collectors and artists deserve to be treated better.

After all, without artists, there’s no art. Without collectors to support them, there’s no artist.


Here’s what we’re doing differently

(a) transparent commission: 10%, flat. This is buyer’s premium. Our seller fee is 0%. If you buy an artwork for $110,000 on ArtList, you know that $100,000 goes to the seller, $5,000 goes to ArtList, $5,000 goes to the artist.



Buy outstanding art directly from private collections worldwide. We write stories about them. artlist.co

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