New Jeff Koons, Camille Henrot Solo Shows

Art shows you can’t miss this week in New York. We pick only 3.

Highlight: Camille Henrot at Metro Picutres (Metro Pictures)

1. Camille Henrot @Metro Pictures
November 5 — Decemebr 12

(Metro Pictures)

In her first exhibition with Metro Pictures, Camille Henrot presents a series of drawings and sculptural works that portray the dysfunctions and inadequacies of social relationships. Her pieces examine the perhaps more profound psychological effects of casual dynamics between friends, citizens, family members or even — in one of her hotline pieces that prompts visitors to “press 5 if your dog manipulates you” — pets and owners. Henrot further invokes the presence of animals in her anthropomorphic drawings, which prompt the viewer to examine seemingly normal human behaviors and sexuality as they are re-appropriated in animalistic contexts.

On view at 519 West 24th Street, New York, NY.

2. Jeff Koons @ Gagosian
November 9 — December 23


In their Chelsea exhibition, Gagosian presents a new series of pantings from Jeff Koons entitled Gazing Ball. The works honor the power of artistic gesture with their inclusion of a blue glass ball, painted on an aluminum shelf attached to the front of each painting. The inclusion of this sculptural element incorporates the viewer’s presence directly into the pieces while allowing the works to exist between two and three dimensional artistic classification.

On view at 525 West 21st Street, New York, NY.

3. Jared Bark @ Southfirst
September 26 — November 15

(New York Times)

“Jared Bark: Photobooth Works, 1969–1976” presents the artist’s experimental photographic and performance works, which question the very medium of performance art itself. Bark proposes the possibility of minimal performance art: using the body and simple objects to affect a performance within the tight confines of a photo booth format. Thus, Bark performs while documenting, existing as performer and photographer simultaneously.

On view at 60 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

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