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New London Shows from Nate Lowman, Jeff Zilm & Reza Derakshani

The best shows to see this week in London. We pick only 3.

(Massimo de Carlo)

In his third exhibition with Massimo de Carlo, Nate Lowman looks up for inspiration…specifically, at the ceiling of his NYC studio. His new paintings portray the patterns and architecture of the structure, located in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, whose buildings have been preserved to maintain their industrial 19th century facades. Thus the show speaks not only to Lowman’s specific studio but also to (as the show’s title — “Downtown Is A Construct” — suggests) the larger evolution of New York City, from agriculture to industry to artistry.

On view at 55 South Audley Street, London, W1K 2QH

(Simon Lee)

Jeff Zilm uses his work to investigate the ways in which society interacts with, consumes and decodes technological media. His current exhibit at Simon Lee showcases a new series of his “film paintings,” for which he chemically destabilizes 8mm — 35mm film to turn it into a liquid state and transcribe it entirely onto a single canvas. The canvases are primed beforehand with the same paint used to turn a wall into a projection screen, emphasizing their purpose as a surface onto which the film is “projected.” Thus the works examine the supposed flexibility versus contained fixity of film media.

On view at 12 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DT.

Derakshani’s “Nocturnal Hunting,” 2015 (Sophia Contemporary)

In the inaugural show of Sophia Contemporary Gallery, Iranian artist Reza Derakshani presents new pieces from both ongoing and new series of works. Throughout all his series, Derakshani’s practice is united by a synthesis of Middle Eastern art practices — firmly rooted in Iranian art history and color palettes — and modern, Western art movements, as evidenced in his textured, abstract brushstrokes. The exhibit also comes at a crucial moment in the world art market, as Middle Eastern art is gaining increasing attention from international collectors.

On view at 11 Grosvenor Street, London W1K 4QB.



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