New Still House Group & The Hole Exhibits

Dec 27, 2015 · 3 min read

Art shows your can’t miss this week in New York. We pick only 3.

Highlight: Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine’s “Derailer Derailer” at the Still House Group

1. Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine @ The Still House Group
December 11 — January 8

(Still House Group)

The Still House Group’s presentation of Amy and Oliver Thomas-Irvine’s work highlights the range of media with which the collaborative duo create. While rooted in sculptural practice, the two also frequently investigate live scenario or intervention pieces, allowing the artwork itself to evolve throughout its exhibition. As the 18th participants in Still House’s residency program, their new show, “Derailer Derailer,” includes pieces from all such media that focus upon the concept of “object as witness.” The theme contrasts the interaction of humans and structures with the absence of humanity by invoking minimalist architecture and utilitarian structures — like those of an obstacle course.

On view at 481 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY.

2. “Not a Photo” @ The Hole
November 29 — January 19

(The Hole)

“Not a Photo” presents the impossible: “a group photo show where no photos will be exhibited!” Instead, the exhibit examines the genre of photography itself — the ways in which artists are using photography as a step in a multi-media process, rather than as a finished product, or how, with the ubiquity of photo-capable smartphones and devices, the title of “photographer” itself has changed in recent years. Thus in the absence of actual photographs, the show engages in a relevant investigation of the media’s impact on contemporary art.

On view at 312 Bowery, New York, NY.

3. Pat O’Neill @ Mitchell-Innes & Nash
December 12 — January 23

(Mitchell-Innes & Nash)

The New York debut of Los Angeles-based Pat O’Neill, “Let’s Make a Sandwich,” includes five decades worth of sculpture, film and works on paper. O’Niell’s oeuvre examines the divisions and fusions between humans and nature through a myriad of interactions — whether he is invoking the role of the man in the artistic process through his gestural two-dimensional works or, in the show’s title film, highlighting the quotidian rituals that define the constructed nature of a household.

On view at 534 West 26th Street, New York, NY.

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