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The $46.3m painting that made Gerhard Richter sick

“There is something really shocking about the amount” — Gerhard Richter.

Here’s why Christie’s and Sotheby’s don’t contribute to culture and why this will change.

Abstraktes Bild by Gerhard Richter

“We artists get next to nothing from such an auction.”

German painter Gerhard Richter stands besides Abstraktes Bild. Photograph: Jens Meyer/AP

Despite Christie’s and Sotheby’s unique position to do so, their contribution to culture is close to zero.

Richter is not particularly tight on cash — but the point is that Abstraktes Bild’s 5,000-fold appreciation in value did little to better the artistic community as a whole. The same holds true for hundreds of younger, or less known artists who are not able to benefit from success at auction.

Why we share 50–50 with artists.

The secondary art market’s growth is structural. (a) With technology it becomes increasingly easier to sell unique artwork (communication, sharing high definition jpegs) and (b) an increasing number of people are looking to collect art.

Richter would have made $2.3m had his work been resold on ArtList

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