Welcome to ArtList
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Welcome to ArtList

We reached $100 million in fine art inventory. Now what?

Our journey building a marketplace for the private art market (part 2/2).

ArtList’s one year anniversary dinner, a few weeks ago. It’s not all online, duh!

Help people find art they love

- Homepage -

  • Find a way to focus on fewer artworks
  • Display more with less scroll
  • Categorization of works

- Flows -

Peace of mind guaranteed

- Valuation process-

  • Auction results for the artist with the relevant series
  • Current first market price and availability
  • Scarcity and provenance of the work

The Artwork is: Accepted → Valuated → Posted

- $1M insurance-

Help our sales team close sales

- Align the content across media-

  • Every week we select the current best 3 to 6 best artworks we have available for sale.
  • We write a pitch about each of them and make sure our valuation is still up-to-date.
  • We schedule all our Instagram post for the week based on those work we previously selected: posts on the work / on the artist
  • We include those artists as much as we can on our blog
  • We feature the works in our newsletter and on the website of our media partner Art Market Monitor

- User data = Sales -

  • Artworks they have in their collection
  • Artworks they’re looking for
  • Every single discussion our team has had with them
  • Pages they visited on the website (specific artwork or artist)
  • The artist name + “in alert” = the collector wants to be informed if we have any work from this artist
  • The artist name + “in collection” = the collector owns a work from this artists

- SEO efforts -

ArtList x Gertrude merge




Buy outstanding art directly from private collections worldwide. We write stories about them. artlist.co

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