Illustration: Yayoi Kusama. White Infinity Nets, At Victoria Miro Gallery.

What can you sell on ArtList?

Kenneth Schlenker
Jan 27, 2015 · 2 min read

In short: first tier artwork by established artists, listed at the right price, and for which provenance and condition can be traced. If you own artwork like this, you can submit it for sale on ArtList.

In the interest of transparency, here are the criteria we use to decide which artwork we will accept.


  • Contemporary Period (1940 to today)
  • The Artist should either
    (a) have a traceable secondary market, with several works already presented at a major auction house or
    (b) be represented by an established art gallery (view our list) or
    (c) have a strong demand on primary market (for example — with waiting lists, or no available work on the primary market).


  • All media types: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Work on Paper, Fine Art Print, Mixed Media, and more.
  • Unique Artwork, and Limited Editions — if they are signed and numbered.


  • The listing price should be within a reasonable market price range — our experts will help determine that range upon submission of your artwork.
  • The artwork should not be listed for sale elsewhere at a lower price.

Supporting documents

  • The seller should be able to prove ownership, by providing an invoice or other documented proof.
  • The seller should be able to prove condition of the work, by producing a recent condition report.

We do not accept

Artworks that do not meet all of the above criteria — especially artwork by artists with no traceable secondary market or not represented by an established art gallery, or Multiples with no edition number.

Why are we selective?

ArtList’s vision is much broader than just selling art from very established artists. We’re interested in making the entire art market instant, secure and fair. So why do we have strict selection criteria when it comes to artwork for sale?

That’s because at this stage, we are only able to vouch for a small number of artworks for which provenance, authenticity and condition are easily traceable.

These criteria will change as we roll out new features and get more users. This document will be edited when criteria change.

Ready to sell?

Start here

If you have any questions, write us on and we will be glad to assist.

Kenneth, Astrid — head of curation at ArtList — and Team ArtList.

Welcome to ArtList

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    Welcome to ArtList

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