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Aaron Young, Untitled , 2009. Recycled tire and 24 ct. gold chain. Available here.

Why it’s OK for Art and Design to fall in love.

What is art? The eternal debate has taken a new turn in recent years with the relationship between functional design & art.

As we are launching this week an exceptional sale of artist-made outdoor functional objects, we asked Chardonnay Pickard to provide some perspective on art and design collaborations and Astrid de Maismont to give some insight into why we decided to feature one.

How artists and designers collaborate

Chardonnay Pickard is a NY based art and design expert. She previously served as Public Relations Director of the famed, Limoges-based porcelain company, Bernardaud. She currently consults with a wide variety of designers, architects, retailers and manufacturers.

ArtList: So, is it OK for artists to make functional objects?

Chardonnay Pickard: I think that when you ask an artist to collaborate in any kind of product development process with a brand or manufacturer you’re going to end up with something fascinating. So much of the way contemporary craft, design and art are segmented seems really silly to me.

My experience has definitely been that artists are designers, designers are artists and so many incredible objects and projects come from the collaboration between the two.

ArtList: What makes a good artist collaboration with a designer?

Chardonnay: Successful artist collaborations are made when the artist and the brand or manufacturer are able to create something wholly different from what either is known for creating without detracting from either of their brands…In many of these partnerships seeing the brand or product through the eyes of the artists helps the brand clarify and enhance its DNA. A lot of european heritage brands are partnering with artists and I think it’s reinventing them and enhancing their relevance.

ArtList: What kind of recent artist-made objects do you like?

Chardonnay: Apart from Bernardaud’s artist-designed porcelain sets, of course, interior designer and art consultant Maria Brito has created some incredible art clutches that I adore with the likes of Trudy Benson, Erika Parker and Kenny Scharf, which are gorgeous.…More than anything, I get excited that art is no longer being seen as something that’s unattainable and only for academics and certain people. Art is really something that everyone should be able to enjoy and own and I think the world is recognizing that.

7x7x7 Outdoor Contemporary, by ArtList

Exploring this combination of art and design, ArtList is excited to present a 7 day sale that will feature 7 functional objects and 7 textiles created by leading contemporary artists and in collaboration with Nathalie Karg / Cumulus Studios. Astrid de Maismont, Head of Curation at ArtList, explains the motivation behind the sale.

ArtList: What is 7x7x7?

Astrid de Maismont: It is a 7 day sale that will feature 7 functional objects and 7 textiles created by leading contemporary artists, in collaboration with Nathalie Karg / Cumulus Studios. From a ping pong table by Tom Burr, to a fountain by Rob Pruitt, we are selling functional outdoor objects by some of our favorite contemporary artists, that will add personality to any collector’s home just in time for summer.

ArtList: Why do a sale featuring functional objects by artists?

Astrid: We felt that the pieces from this sale blur the distinctions between design and artistic creation, proving that the two fields can collaborate to create playful, interactive pieces. At ArtList, we care about presenting high quality fine art for our collectors. Historically, we have been focusing on unique works of art. However, we liked the idea of artists working under a specific constraint which drives further creativity: Outdoor.

ArtList: Why is “outdoor” such an important element of these works?

Astrid: Today, as a collector, it is difficult if you want to expand your art collection outside. There are design objects but nothing that can act as a direct extension of your indoor collection, nothing functional created by contemporary artists — like a bench, a ping pong table or a swing. These objects offer a unique solution to that problem in that they can serve as either indoor or outdoor additions to a collection.

ArtList: Can you tell us about the artists?

We feel strongly for the artist selection and production conducted in collaboration with Nathalie Karg / Cumulus Studios. In our commitment to offering quality for our collectors, we love having works by Ugo Rondinone, Aaron Young, Rob Pruitt, Tom Burr, Neil Beloufa, Liam Gillick, Mark Hagen.

ArtList: Where can these works be purchased?

Astrid: The works are available exclusively on ArtList for a period of 7 days. You can find the details on www.artlist.co/7x7x7 . Get yours in time for the summer! .. and fall in love with them.

Objects for Sale:

A birdbath by Ugo Rondinone

A swing by Aaron Young

A fountain by Rob Pruitt

A ping-pong table by Tom Burr

A lamp by Neil Beloufa

A table by Liam Gillick

A sculpture by Mark Hagen

Textiles for Sale:

Jack Pierson

Servane Mary

Rob Pruitt

Billy Sullivan

Kenny Scharf

Julia Chiang

Ellen Berkenblit

More about the sale:




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