What is DeskVibe?

DeskVibe is an Oslo-based startup that connects people to workspace…but what does that mean? It means we want you to be able to find the right workspace/office for your practical needs (budget, size, location) and that has the right network.

We are working to create a network of flexible workspaces that give you the opportunity to work in environments that offer relevant connections for your business. Science has proven, that having a broader network can result in more professional success. The question is — why wouldn’t you want that?

Coworking are booming around the world. It is estimated that by the end of the 2017, there will be more than 1 million people working from these flexible workspaces. It’s no surprise since they offer easy, flexible access to desks and communities of interesting minds. In some cases, they may be focused within a specific field, in others they may be open to any freelancer, consultant, project team, etc. all looking to “work for themselves, not by themselves”.

More recently, there has been a trend of large companies sending employees to coworking spaces. Why? That same idea of broader networks — they know that that is where interesting ideas and people are working. Every conversation could help get that employee out of the rut & start thinking in new ways.

We’ll use ourselves as an example. DeskVibe has had the opportunity to sit a number of Oslo’s coworking spaces and bump elbows with their members around the water cooler. During these casual chats, we’ve learned about cool new projects going on in the community, relevant events and even — helped us solve some of our obstacles that we were facing at the time.

While it’s easy to focus on creating a marketplace of coworking spaces — we want to turn the tables on how & where people work. If large companies are going into coworking spaces, why don’t they open their doors to fresh minds at some of their desks? (We’ve seen that in some cases desks and meeting rooms within offices go unused up to 90% of the time — extra income and extra inspiration? Looks like a win-win.)

That’s not to say that we’re forgetting about traditional office providers — they still make up the vast majority of the market. The problem they face from recent market uncertainties, is that companies are no longer looking to lock into long term 5–10 year leases. They are looking for something that is flexible and that can be adjusted as the market dictates. We are offer a solution to bridge that gap to the new-norm of short to mid-term leases that today’s workers and companies are looking for.

So, what is DeskVibe? We are the one-stop shop for your workspace needs. Whether it’s 1-hour, 1-day, 1-month or 1-year there’s a desk and a community that’s waiting for you.

*May 2017: DeskVibe is currently in Round 1 of testing with single-purchase bookings available in select coworking spaces in Oslo, Norway.

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