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The vision of a company and the internally lived culture play an increasingly important role for applicants and especially the satisfaction of employees. Especially tech professionals take a look behind the external facades of companies and are interested in the company’s inner life: How do employees treat each other, what is the motivation of the company and how does the company define success beyond numbers?

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The latest survey of the German weekly magazine “stern” and the market research company “Statista” provides insights into the employee’s satisfaction of German employers — and awards ABOUT YOU as one of the most popular employers in Germany. Follow our latest blog article and get a brief glimpse on how ABOUT YOU got awarded and what it is that makes working at ABOUT YOU that popular!

Germany’s best employers 2020

Never before has there been a more detailed and independent survey on the image of employers in Germany like this: More than 45,000 employees from 24 industries told the German weekly magazine “stern” and the market research company “Statista” whether they would recommend a job in their company. The result is a list of the 500 top employers in Germany, broken down into a total of 24 sectors: Germany’s best employers 2020.

ABOUT YOU climbing to the top with lived values

As one of the fastest growing e-commerce startups in Europe, ABOUT YOU ranked 5th place in the category “internet” and thereby consolidate its position as one of the most popular employers in the German tech-industry.

When we started ABOUT YOU, our vision was to digitize the traditional shopping stroll by offering an inspiring and personalized shopping experience on the smartphone. We believe in shaping the future of e-commerce and climbing to the top the European fashion industry is only possible together with our strong team — and therefore, we take values such as tolerance, acceptance and diversity as key for our success. By motivating and supporting each other, sharing expertise and opinions, appreciating differences and communicating honestly and transparently, ABOUT YOU enables its employees to join its movement and feel good about their job at the same time.

At ABOUT YOU, employees can put ideas into practice: Instead of spending ages talking about ideas, we act on them; instead of focusing on problems, we develop solutions. Working at ABOUT YOU means managing one interesting project after another, we don’t cling to a certain idea. New information leads to new decisions, which we are open to. To keep developing, we introduce processes, discard them and put new ones in places — because what really matters to us is the best possible end result.

With passion, more than 100% commitment, a wide-ranging expertise and a strong hands-on-mentality we complement each other and make a difference as a team. We are a diverse crew. At ABOUT YOU, you will find all kinds of experts. We have fun together, celebrate our successes and motivate each other. One third of our employees are developers and come from over 40 different nations, which truly enriches our teamwork.

ABOUT YOU’s new way of developing

As you can see, the success of ABOUT YOU is greatly based on our lived values. But the survey of Germany’s best employers 2020 shows that the employees’ satisfaction stretches beyond a big room for diversity, tolerance and acceptance: To see ambitious employees happy in the long run, they have to get the chance not only to develop the best available product on the market, but also themselves and their own career. We have recognized that we have to continuously adapt our organizational structures to changes in the market — to new technologies, social change or changing customer needs, and what’s more, to personal development goals of our team members.

That’s why we have built inhouse our award-winning model “MOVE”: It enables tech employees lifelong learning without having to switch to another company, developers can switch to teams, specialize themselves in certain issues, take chances and new challenges.

“On the corporate side, I previously only knew large teams in which the individual could not see the results and success of his work. At ABOUT YOU, things are very different — we work in small, cross-functional teams with clear responsibilities. Developers can switch teams and try out new technologies without having to change companies. Each team includes a Quality Assurance Engineer and Dev-Op, which ensures that all necessary expertise is available in one team from the idea to the ‘Go Live’ without being dependent on other teams” explains Henrik, one of ABOUT YOU’s tech employees.

Concentrated expertise is not a thing that ABOUT YOU keeps inside for its own advance only: Since 2016, we yearly organize our own tech-conference the “code.talks” and share knowledge with internationally known speakers that give a global deep dive into current developments of the tech scene. As the conference turned into one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe that is visited by more than 1.500 developers, we of course want our developers to benefit as well and give free tickets to them for joining the event.

Did someone say benefit? Listen!

Our team is probably the best benefit you can get. Topped with our lived company culture and organizational team structures, we still have so much more to give! ABOUT YOU provides a well-structured onboarding process with a buddy system and provides access to e-learning tools such as and When starting at ABOUT YOU, you have the choice between different hardware setups e.g. Macbook or a Windows notebook and the kind of IDE you want to work with. Moreover ABOUT YOU offers exclusive employee discounts, a variety of free drinks and fresh fruits every day as well as free language and sport courses. If you move from abroad, ABOUT YOU enables your best possible start by helping you in the relocation process.

Join us

Since ABOUT YOU is continuing to grow fast, we are always on the hunt for new motivated team members. Currently, there are vacancies for example for Full Stack Developer, a Frontend Developer, a Software Engineer, a Quality Assurance Engineer, a Project Manager and others exciting leadership positions.

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