Let’s meet, let’s talk, let’s CODE @ code.talks 2018

ABOUT YOU’s developer teams are excited to attend and engage in the code.talks — Germany’s largest developer conference — which takes place on October 18th and 19th in Hamburg.

Welcome to the code.talks 2018

With more than 1.600 attendees, we are looking forward to experience two days of exciting talks, insightful discussions and networking. More than 130 speakers will present and debate web-development related topics, ranging from Architecture and Artificial Intelligence to BI, IT Security, UI/UX Design, Virtual reality and many more.

Visitors will furthermore have the chance to get to know ABOUT YOU’s new business unit — the ABOUT YOU CLOUD and its products, including our very own E-Commerce Backend system BACKBONE.

While ABOUT YOU CTO Sebastian Betz will join a panel discussion about the qualities of a Tech entrepreneur, several other ABOUT YOU speaker have also prepared some interesting presentations.

Here’s an overview of all talks which involve ABOUT YOU Speaker:


Welcome Speech
AY Speaker: Tarek Müller, Martin Westphal

Panel discussion: Inside report on being a Tech Entrepreneur — The Mindset, stepping stones, pitfalls, pain points
AY Speaker: Sebastian Betz
AY Moderator: Martin Westphal

Panel discussion: The future of mobile apps — are app stores a thing of the past?
AY Moderator: Christoph Sachsenhausen

Panel discussion: The Future of Reality — Virtual, Augmented or native?AY Speaker: Martin Westphal

Panel discussion: Bicycle your mind — a design dialog
AY Moderator: Micha Wiebe


Introducing AdonisJs — A much needed framework for Node.Js
AY Speaker: Harminder Virk

Lord of the Patch — story of the PatchBot
AY Speaker: Vladyslav Cherednychenko

Being headless but not thoughtless — why an API based approach makes e-commerce fun for developers
AY Speaker: Harminder Virk, Martin Westphal, Dr. Jana Pölzl

Panel discussion: Big Data and IoT: For a better future or infinite Surveillance?
AY Speaker: Anna Fohlmeister

The demystification of Artificial Intelligence
AY Speaker: Martin Westphal

Visit https://www.codetalks.de for more information and the full schedule.

Hope to see you there!