Rethinking Fashion E-Commerce

A look back at the code.talks Commerce Special presentation held by Stefan Tobel, Director — Shop, and Robert Kilian, Head of Development — Shop.

E-commerce is a fast-growing market, but most online shops lag behind the conceptual and technical possibilities. Inspiring online experiences are rare and all customers usually see the same, non-personalized, online shop.

By integrating external content from Influencers, Fashion and Consumer Brands as well as users themselves, ABOUT YOU makes online shopping more inspiring and ventures into the field of Discovery Commerce. In addition, ABOUT YOU consistently focuses on personalization and distinguished itself from the competition by an individually tailored shopping experience for its users.

The presentation below will give some insight to the strategy of ABOUT YOU, cover best practices, and present essential shop features:

Stefan Tobel & Robert Kilian — Presenting at the code.talks Commerce Special in Berlin

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