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Became a great player over the years, with a nice aim (50–60%). Only uses gib, dont know why. Never saw him/her doing combo. Usually defends with main focus on killing. I suppose he wants to improve their aim using gib only.


b4rr4 is another nice player to play with. His/her gamestyle changes depending on the teamscore. Starting by attacking, b4rr4 defends when winning and the teams are balanced. Has a nice accuracy, if i remember well 50%-60%, uses combo also, but plays better with gib. b4rr4 assruns a bit, which can be quite annoying.


baby_doll is a great player. Defends more than attacks and have a nice aim. 55%-65%. Uses combo really well also. baby is smart and can predict well the enemy movements using combo to kill them when they less expect.


Bam is a pure dmer. Usually just defends or middle camps (depends on the map) and has a really good aim. 70%-80% i suppose. Usually i dont like dmers playing on ctf maps, but in this case i make an exception because i really love to play with bam (on my team or enemy one). The main reason is because on maps with many walls (not so open, in another words, the ones i enjoy to play) i usually win against him ☺). Bam also helps the team when playing with more players, even that, it means dm. Lately, i dont see him/her for a while, bam used to start ctf more.


A pure defender. Almost a camper, but well blij moves around his team base. To get the things worst, a great aim on 70%-80%. Usually used gib more, but knows how to play with combo too. When losing, starts to attack, blij is not so great as an attacker but thanks to his aim he/she cleans the way easily. When defending is quite an annoying player to fight and it’s really hard to get the enemy flag. He/she almost everytime kill enemys when 2–3 seconds with his flag.


Bloodlust was one of my very first influences on my gamestyle also. A great attacker, defender, player. Usually attacked more. Smart moves, fast play, great predicting ability and last a great aim on around 70%. Great player with combo too.


know Danger for a long time. Danger is a all around player, but defends more than attacks. Sometimes do annoying stuff like just be quiet in on place killing all people that shows up in the corner. But usually not. Over the years his aim got better at around 50%-60%. Plays nice with combo also.


This is the best assruner i ever played with. Usually darkn3ss will follow you until kill you. Even if that means run the entire map just to kill you. He/she destroys the game just by assruning all the players. Dont let anyone do his game. With an aim like 60–65%, you´ll have to always check your back when playing. Lately darkn3ss started to play some ctf mixed with assrun abillities and become really good at it. Middle camping killing, assruning and capping. Really really upsetting to play with.


I remember to play with fish for a long ago too. He/she is a nice player and with very high skills on combo. Defends and attacks at same rate, has an aim on 50%-65% rate, but his combos are/were really good.


huggies is one of the older players too, with most hours played on server. huggies is the right player to have in your team if you want to get many covers. On open maps (woot for example) then it’s awesome. he/she stays at the same place just killing everyone that is trying to kill his team mate flag carrier.


Invis is an oldie too. Is a great player attacks well and it’s smart predicting his enemy. Has a nice aim, 50–60%, moves well and attacks more than defends. We evolve together over the years and now it’s always a difficult 1vs1 to win.


Kinda sad i heard juan died, he was such a nice player to play with. One of the oldest too, he usually showed up to play on server. Wasnt a very good player, but over the years, like MR.Z, got better, learnt new movements and got a better aim (30%-50%). R.I.P juan, will always remember our 1vs1 games ☺.


Kag@ is a reasonable player. Its nice to play with, usually defend more, but sometimes attack too. Over the years, Kag@ got better on efficiency, with 40–55% eff. On combo Kag@ is not so good, sometimes too predictable.


Madrixis is one of the server admins. He is a very acessible admin a a reasonable player too. He dont plays too often and when he do, his aim goes like 40–55%, usually attacks and do some assrun too sometimes.


Marlockx is an oldie too. Not a great player, a nice one to play, funny and persistent. Loves combo-king map. Sometimes when bored i suppose, starts to camp and stays hidden all the time killing enemys. Aim is like 30–50%.


MR.Z is one of the legends of the server. I remember when Z started, always jumping and staying at the same place. Mr.Z defends only and sometimes its almost considered camping. When his team is loosing Z attacks. Over the years, the aim of Z increased very very much and now its a solid defender, with a much better efficiency (50%-60%). Mr.Z didnt used combo in the past, only gib, but nowadays its using a lot more and getting better at it also.


Octoman is a myth, a legend. Like LOLMAN. Octoman stays at one place on the map, preferably an hidden place, and stays all the game in there killing enemy players. People are always trying to kick Octo. Over the years Octoman is getting better on aim (30–50% eff) but it still do exactly the same thing. I usually prefer to have Octo on my team, because it’s one more to defend or destroy the game, and if Octo is on the other team its really annoying because i have to remember where Octo is and pay attention with my moves on my way to cap (i run mostly backwards). Still, i respect Octo gamestyle, because he/she is loyal to it.


Oldboy is an oldie on server. Used to play bunnytrack with him too. Is a nice player with and evolved much over the years. His aim specially is much better (55%-60%). Has a diversified gamestyle, defendind or attacking, but lately i saw him attacking more than defending. Also uses combo and it’s reasonable at it.


Outdated is one of the players i played most of the 1vs1 solo games. Is a quite nice player to play with and against. Over the years got better too, aim is 45–55%, attacks by default, but know how to hold up when teams need to.


Pilrey is another admin of the server, he is quite fun and a nice player to play with too. Usually keeps trying to get the enemy’s flag. His aim is around 40–60%. Has some nice moves also.


The efficiency goes from 50% to 60% usually. Protection is what many call a runner. He’s always attacking, get the opponent teams flag even when loosing or when the game is almost over and he need to defend. he really dont know how to defend, but over the years, became very good in what he does. Getting the flag, runing, killing in the way and capping. Usually have the most grabs (by far), caps and high rate of flagkills too, because he seeks for the flag if it isnt on its place. He is very unpredictable on his movements, but the aim needs to improve a lot. On combo he’s getting better, but still cant hit too much. Usually he use combo, when cant hit the enemy. He has a rule: not to kill unless you have to do. He prefer to run away from players and get the flag to cap, than kill. Another thing about Protection is that he play better on small maps or/with many walls. Open maps are worse because he is susceptible to be killed by dmers, because of his low aim and because of there are no several ways to get the flag and cap it back. Usually he only kill when running back to the base or if the enemy has his flag. That’s the main reason of his low rate of kills and why he have many flagkills.


Dont see rappye for a while now. Used to play a lot with him/her but nowadays it’s rare. From what i can remember, he was a nice player to play but an annoying/fun too. Was an assruner or wanted to be and usually attacked more than defended. Over the years got better, but aim never was the best (35%-50%). Miss to play with him.


RIK is another of those really annoying players. Camping, staying always at same place, dm’er, with a nice eff (50–60%). Hard to play when camping near his/her flag. Used combo also and played well with it too.


SkyNet is a great player nowadays. I remember when he/she was not so good, but skynet has evolved over the years. I enjoyed his gamestyle before, because mostly what he is doing right now is middle camping and assruning. Before he was an avid attacker. His aim got better (60–65%) and because of that is kinda hard to play ctf when he’s middle camping. You have to play with that in mind, when runing back to your base to cap, keep in mind that you must kill him in the middle of the map.


First time i met Simo was 5–6 years ago. Simo was kinda lame at start, full middle camper, assrunner and basicly simo just used to annoy people up. With an efficiency with like 55%-65%, on open maps, the games were almost unplayable without any good dmer on the other team. On the last few years, Simo started to play more CTF, attacking and middle camp defending. Simo might learnt that we would get more points or help the team more playing like that. Simo has evolved throught the years and is kinda smart on his movements and in predicting other people movements. Simo also plays good with combo, with a high rate of accuracy.


Skall is a really good player and an offensive one. He/she is a really good attacker and defender in case of need. Before he was a bit assruner but over the years became a fair player with a great aim on gib and combo (60–75%). He’s a nice player to play some 1vs1. Some of the great combos i saw was from him.


This player was one of my biggest influences on choosing my gamestyle. With an efficiency of 60%-70%, Trust usually attack, killing all the players in the way to the enemy team flag, and then he/she goes back to its team base, killing all the players runing backwards. Thats really awesome to see. High skills on combo too.


Woodrow is probably the best player i ever played with. With an efficiency of 75%-85%, this player is just awesome. Wood attacks by default, defending when the enemy team was better than his team. He dont assrun usually, but he/she’ll do if the other player do it. Some of the best shots i ever saw was from Woodrow. Woodrow plays better and more with gib, but is good also on combo. He/she plays on the server for fun and call it a noob server. I have to agree in some points, because this is an open server with some really good players, but also with some really bad players. I think thats is the main reason why people still are playing on this server, because of its openess.


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