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A Writer’s Dream

An Interview with Jo Ann Harris

Jo Ann Harris. Photo from her.

1. Introductory question: Hi Jo Ann, welcome to About Me Stories. Would you like to say something to our readers?

2. What are some of your writing inspirations when writing non-fiction and what inspires you to become a novelist?

3. You’ve been writing since 2018 on this site, and have since been through so much. Do you think writing in any way has saved you?

4. How has your writing helped you from your personal experiences?

5. What type of impacts do you believe you create as a writer?

6. How do you define success as a writer? Do you think you’re there yet, or are there more that you want to work towards?

7. Have you ever had any moments that have made you really proud of the writer that you are? Any tips to share with other writers?



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