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About Me — Alyssa-Ninja Weis

The one with the big glasses

Alyssa-Ninja Weis © lichtzeichnerin.at

I’m Alyssa-Ninja and “Servus!” is DEEPLY Austrian for “Hi!”

Yup, I’m not kidding. I’m a real passport-totin’ Viennese Ninja.

I’m a polymath and autodidact, so I constantly have my nose in some kind of topic; when not out ninja’ing, of course. One day it’s book publishing, the other day crowdfunding, and the next day it’s how the concept of time became what we know of today. Language fascinates me, which explains my thing for etymology.

In December, I self-published my first children’s book ‘The Alice Wonders. Science of Underground Nonsense.’ The book delves into seven nonsensical Wonderland situations and the science hidden within.

With the book, I want to make exploring the world through science fun and accessible for kids at an early age, and open doors for them.

On Medium, I’m sharing my experience in publishing my first children’s book, crowdfunding, the emotional roller coaster of the overthinking person I am, and more.

Well, my stepdaughter says that she has the best non-wicked stepmom in the universe!

Big glasses complete me, and so does chocolate. Also, I can’t help but pet dogs when I walk by.

  1. Tea over coffee.
  2. Books over TV shows.
  3. Dogs over cats (sorry, not sorry)
  4. Apple over Windows.
  5. Vintage over fast economy.

I’m terrible at housewife-ing and even scortch my tea.

So how about you? I’d love to know more about you too.

If that’s your jam, give me a virtual hug, in Medium terms, and follow me.

Let me know what you’d like to read about from me.
Yours, Alyssa-Ninja Weis

P.S. A-lyssa comes from the Greek ἀ λύσσα and stands for ‘not mad’ (but aren’t we all mad here?)

Thanks for reading! Let good ideas find you and join Medium.



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Alyssa-Ninja Weis

The one with the big glasses. Sharing my love for exploration. Like it? Follow me + join me here ✒︎ https://bit.ly/yoursninja