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About Me — Amy Von Blickhahn

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I was born in a town revered only for the one famous science fiction writer also born there. I was born to a woman I never met. Since then I’ve been desperately trying to meet a woman I still don’t know very well: me.

I do know a few things and here I am to share and expose myself to the world. So let’s do this.

I write creative nonfiction, articles about pop culture and I am working on some short stories.

I’m both sincere and sardonic. I love the innocence of 80’s children’s movies but won’t hesitate to put on a black comedy like Martin Scorsese’s After Hours immediately after. I want to love people but being in customer service for decades has hardened me a bit. However, I have hope and sometimes that’s all I need.

I’ve discovered I can also be both a schmiel and schmazel but even with bad luck things can turn around a dime.

I’m a lapsed Catholic but I also feel like learning about that religion and theology in general. I’m fascinated by faith and mythology. I am superstitious to a ridiculous degree even though my left brain says I’m being silly. Hopefully, that won’t be a detriment in my life. *Knock on wood*

I am obsessed with music and books. If this was a different decade I might have been happy as just a sales clerk at a Borders but times have changed and I must deal with the ebbs and flows of life regardless.

I love to be in love.

I have two cats who have comforted me in times of need and whose names reflect my obsession with music. My Siamese is named Bowie and the other is a gray domestic shorthair named Siouxsie Sioux. I hadn’t planned on keeping Bowie but the two cats fell in love. I couldn’t bear to separate them and so I became a foster failure. It’s one of the few failures I’m proud of.

Believe it or not, there is another woman out there with the same name. To differentiate I’ll just say I’m the weirdo constantly wearing a black beret that covers my long curly red hair.

So let’s meet here together. Let’s have an exchange of ideas. Let’s shoot the bull. Let’s have a virtual coffee date. I take my coffee black.



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