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— agod: Writer, Author, Poet, Editor

Hello! I am Anthony O’Dugan, writer, editor, poet, author, and so much more! I’ve been writing on Medium since December 2020 and I am an editor for iPoetry. I’ve amassed a diverse collection of works in my time here and have lined the shelves of my virtual library for your perusal. I’ve conveniently labeled each section so that it is easier to navigate. It is too difficult for me to pick my favorite works but the ones that I really enjoyed writing are pinned to my profile page. If you are looking for favorites, my favorite color is green and my favorite number is 3, and no, those two tidbits don’t correspond to anything in any of my passwords, sorry hackers.

If I had to give myself a title — or area of expertise — I would say that I’m a poet, first and foremost. I have a tendency to think in rhyme or verse and to view the world in a poetic way. I don’t just see what is presented to my eyes, I don’t just hear the sounds as they are, instead, I see things in layers, in vivid colors, in vibrations and patterns. I often feel like I woke up and licked a toad but I’ve grown accustomed to my immersive and odd way of living in the world. As such, words and phrases and twisty-turny thoughts pour out. It’s just who I am.

I also write, like right now, in more of an expository way. Many of my articles could rightly be called blog posts but I’ll leave labels aside — it’s hard enough picking a title, subtitle, and kicker. That’s plenty of labels, really. I’ve published ebooks on Amazon, in my distant past, but I’ve pulled some off for revision. I’m currently working on a collection of poems as well as three books from my CRAVE series which focuses on erotic and sensual poetry. I am completely and absolutely in love with words. It’s really as simple as that.