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About Me — Antony Terence

Writing at the zebra crossing between tech, games, and literature

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Yes, that’s a penguin clothed in a traditional veshti. Source: Image created by the author on Canva.
Table of Contents· My bio
· My interests, passions, & hobbies
· Work with me
· Contact me
· My real bio
· Give me feedback

My bio

Welcome! I am Antony Terence, a 22-year-old Indian who grew up in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Exploring cultures as a child gifted me a deep sense of appreciation for the unfamiliar.

I did my schooling in the Middle East before pursuing a degree in engineering at NIT Trichy, one of India’s finest institutions. That’s where I discovered a passion for writing, thanks to a content team that I was fortunate to lead. Today, I work at a reputed industrial firm in Hyderabad but don’t let that fool you. My words still pack a punch.

My interests, passions, & hobbies

In my free time, I build my writing muscle.

You can guess how my pandemic went. For some reason, every hobby of mine bolsters my calling, from narrative-focused videogames and films to historical documentaries and fantasy novels rich in lore. But geeking out over obscure media is something I save for the right people.

Take the hint, friend.

My hunger for captivating stories is second only to that of real food in places unknown, coupled with friends and sincere banter to form a potent cocktail. Consumer technology is another domain that lives in my head rent-free, a decision that makes me the go-to person for tech recommendations. As for my writing, it closely mirrors my interests. I am no pantser so I outline all my pieces before fleshing them out.

In a year of writing on Medium, I’ve experienced a rather humbling level of success.

With two unpublished novellas sitting in my virtual drawer, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pen something worth publishing one day. At the end of my pursuit of happiness, I envision a fantasy series set in the dunes of Arabian mythology. And yes, Orijinns is being brought to life as you read this.

Work with me

Here’s how I can help you:

  • I can offer you tech recommendations on everything from laptops and smartphones to truly wireless earphones. Videogames and novels are on the table too.
  • I can ghostwrite tech and/or gaming articles under your name or mine. I’d love to work as a writer on a videogame or collaborative project too!
  • I can teach you how to leverage Medium as a marketing platform for your business and become a better writer.
  • We can collaborate on articles, be it a poem, an interview, or another format that interests you.

Contact me

If you’d like to work with me on a business partnership, kindly contact me at antony_terence (at) hotmail dot com. Contacting me on Twitter or Medium (via a private message) is fair game too.

And if you’d like to know more about Medium or have questions on anything from videogame tech to obscure mythology, reach out to me at the same email address. I’ll consider investing in a separate business address if things get congested. I check my emails often so expect a reply in a couple of days.

Antony Terence
My college sure had some phenomenal photoshoots. Source: Image captured by the author.

My real bio

With all the conveniently placed dots on my life graph out of the way, it’s time for some real talk.

I lived many lives before responsibilities were thrust upon me. I used to be the kid who wanted to dig up and photograph dinosaur fossils, play and create videogames, and wear out my library card, all at once. Back then, I had a book riddled with drawings of every car I had seen on Abu Dhabi’s scorching streets.

Not all of my past selves made it through the extinction event that adulthood was.

But before that, let’s backtrack to that one moment that set this timeline in stone. I was 5, or at least I think I was at the time. My dad decided that it was time for me to know what the innards of a computer looked like. The tinkering sparked my lifelong affair with games and tech. And with some upgrades over the years, the tower serves my household to this day.

It served as a portal to the fascinating world of virtual encyclopedias and pixelated videogames.

Surprisingly, the latter made me aware of social issues like gender equality and racism. And I got to experience it first-hand in school. While I can look back and call it character development, those were dark times. I learned that not everything was as it seemed and that being kind wasn’t always easy. Fortunately, my days at NIT Trichy as an undergrad turned my life around.

Trips, club meetings, and food outings defined my college life.

Juggling academic work with more fulfilling pursuits is a memory I hold onto fondly. I found people who were genuinely selfless, truly well-versed and ready to stand up for not just themselves but for those around them. And I discovered clubs and teams that were fertile grounds for ideas to flourish.

After diving into the deep end in a NaNoWriMo challenge(50k words in 30 days), I figured that I could actually pen a piece of compelling fiction someday. A year of freelance gigs made me realize that I wasn’t cut out for chasing trends and SEO figures.

Stories were my bread and butter.

Give me feedback

Thanks for coming along for the ride.
What kind of content would you like to see from me?
Fill this form and let me know: Google Forms

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to drop a comment!

Here’s to seeking fulfillment. Together.

With love,




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Antony Terence

Antony Terence

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