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About Me — Ashley Alt

Mental health writer on a hard mission to show people the incredible power that dressing up has on your mindset. My motto: Life is better when we laugh.

Hellloooo everyone. I’m Ashley, a freelance writer specializing in mental health + wellness + happiness content. With the ultimate goal of becoming a “Feel Good expert” (aka a happiness advice columnist for major magazines), I am currently a wellness columnist for a local lifestyle magazine. Other projects I’m working on include a memoir-in-progress, a weekly newsletter, and a soon-to-launch clothing line.

I live in Connecticut, about an hour north of NYC. So far I am loving my East Coast life — they have the best sandwich shops, pizza joints and bookstores around — not to mention the many beaches, wineries, and adorably charming towns that only New England could offer.

I’m originally from Ohio, but my heart belongs in Chicago, the city I got to call home for several years after getting my Journalism degree. Comedy shows, jazz clubs, excellent sushi spots and rooftop bars are my jam — aside from writing and lunching with my girlfriends.

I am 31 years old, although I feel more like a sprightly and carefree 27. I recently dyed my hair pink and am loving it, I’m married to a tall, dark, and handsome type, and have a 5-year-old son and baby girl on the way (hence the pink hair).

Last year, I founded the Substack newsletter, Take A Sip, which is dedicated to improving women’s mental health through uplifting content meant to make my readers’ minds happier and stronger. It is sent out every Sunday to my subscribers. Take a gander and see for yourself if you so please!

I am always on the hunt for freelance friends, as I believe collaborating to be the saving grace of a freelancer’s sanity, and am open to collaborations & partnerships in the realm of getting one another’s work out there. We gotta support our writers!

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

You can keep up with me on Instagram & Twitter, and feel free to email me @ ashley.lauren.alt@gmail.com.

Other things I’ve written can be found here.

Xo, Ashley



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