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About Me — Brooke Ramey Nelson

As far as writing is concerned, I’m back in the saddle again

Author’s Archives, circa 1979. But we still cute!

Hey, there. I’m Brooke Ramey Nelson, a native Texan, former journalist, politico, PR person and high school teacher, who joined Medium in December 2020 to get back to what I’ve always loved to do — wrassling words.




A publication dedicated to bringing out the stories behind the writers themselves. A place of autobiographies. Types of personal stories include introductions, memoirs, self-reflections, and self-love.

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Brooke Ramey Nelson

Brooke Ramey Nelson

Native Texan & Mizzou Journalism grad. I’ve worked in newspapers, politics, PR & as a high school pubs adviser/AP English teacher. TOP WRITER?

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