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About Me— Ruks Moreea

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Just a little more About Me. Hello, my name is Ruks Moreea, birthed in a tropical heaven, but living in London for most of my journey. I feel that there is so much that one can say from a person’s name, birthplace and residence but perhaps, I bring a little bit of mystery to the table. I was once a career lady, who attended a world prestigious college, who made friends with super achievers and lived life in the fast lane. But that was me then, not me now. I am now a more subdued human and a Mother above all.

I feel we can reintroduce ourselves ever so often as the world is speeding up to so many changes. We once lulled in our cocoons and comfort zones, we once lived in mazes and in rat races. Did it get us somewhere? Yes, for sure our 15 hours a day at the office, got us beautiful homes, beautiful things and lovely travels. But did it bring us true purpose and happiness? I put it out there, for you to answer that.

Well, this is what prompts me to reintroduce myself to you. I love writing on Medium, it is a new experience that I honestly find joy in. I love learning from you all amazing writers as you have so much to share. I feel so empowered to read enriching words from many of you. Who knows, perhaps the writer broiling in me could develop into a new venture of sorts, so I keep myself open to new challenges and new beginnings.

It is never too late to wish you all beautiful readers a peaceful 2021. May it bring joy and peace to you and to your loved ones.




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Ruks Moreea

Alternative Thinker. Lover of All Things Good & Life. Interested in humanity, spirituality, conscious parenting and human energy. MSc Psychology,PhD, FRSPH