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About Me — Carter Owen

Optimizer, Optimist, and Humble Observer of Humans

*updated in August 2022*

Hi there 👋🏻

My name is Carter and I’m 23 years old, about 35 at heart, and obsessed with the human condition. There’s nothing more fascinating to me than being alive, and I’ve spent much of my time thus far trying to figure out how to do that in the best way for me. I’ve loved, lost, and learned a lot along the way and realized I have a gift in my willingness to experiment on myself and communicate that with others.

I’ve always enjoyed writing — my favorite classes in high school and college were English. Although my preferred medium is the spoken word, as it’s a bit more intimate and less performative, writing helped me find and develop my voice, something I hope to continue throughout my life. I started this blog in May 2020 as a creative outlet to make sense of everything that happens in my life (and be more honest with myself than I am in person), but also to hone my skills in self-expression for my future endeavors.

Because of my family history and lived experience overcoming 4 generations of mental illness and trauma (well documented here), mental well-being is extremely important to me. Despite growing up a straight white male in a well-to-do family, my life has not been easy. Personality disorders (borderline, bipolar, schizophrenia), addictions (alcoholism, sugar), eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and physical/sexual abuse runs rampant along my mother’s side (most of which extends to her) and your run of the mill emotional unavailability & attachment disorders on my father’s. Makes for a deadly combo to raise a child. Speaking of children, I’m the oldest by 5.5 years and my brother and sister (twins) are pretty high maintenance, so I’ve developed an extreme self-reliance that has become my best friend despite all the trust issues that have come with it. I lived utterly broken until about 2 months ago and have spent my life thus far trying to reflect and make peace with how I was abused. Slowly but surely, I have built unwavering confidence and love for myself that I try harder than anything to pass on to everyone I interact with. Writing is just one medium for that healing.

All my life, I’ve been motivated to help others, strongly instilled in me by my martyr of a mother, Jesuit education, and emotional intelligence & sensitivity. I like making sense of complicated things. I wanted to be a therapist for a long time, but just unenrolled from grad school to focus on writing full time (and fulfill my childhood dream of working at an Apple Store). I don’t believe I have any license to talk about anything besides my own life, but I want to build as many platforms as I can to share my perspective on how to figure it all out. Whether that’s this blog, books, audiobooks, podcasts — I don’t know the plan yet but I know what I want to bring into the world.

Personally, I’m a laid back guy who loves to make a fool of himself, but take what and who I love very seriously and protect them (especially the who) more than anything. I consider myself a very soft, emotional person at heart who’s built up a tough skin out of necessity. I credit going to high school in New York City for a lot of that; the friendships I made there (mostly with people who didn’t look like me) helped me see a glimpse of the real world for the first time.

I’m also an outsider and loner. I prefer spending time by myself, intimacy issues notwithstanding, and love to observe how we work. I’m about as untethered as it comes — no family (besides my sister), very few friends, and no serious relationship history, in addition to my lack of what I call “label based associations” by being a straight white male from money, grants me a special ability to float on the periphery of society and look at it objectively in a way that no one else can. As I’ve become more mature, and self aware, this gift has presented itself to me more obviously.

As you can see, I’m very callous and threatening

In addition to writing, I love basketball (I had a basketball podcast in college with my best friend and mentor) and standup. Not to mention eating. Eating is amazing.

If you’re reading this, I hope you check out my work — it would mean the world to me. I really do believe I have some words of wisdom to offer the world in a compassionate, personable, and accessible way.

I don’t think Medium has a DM feature (which they totally should), so feel free to reach out any time at carterowen@icloud.com for any reason. I don’t check my email often, but promise I will get back to you.

Much love, and thank you for letting me tell my story.

~ Carter



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Carter Owen

Carter Owen

Aspiring author and humble observer of human behavior writing from NYC — sharing my journey and what I’m learning along the way. Think more, feel better.