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3 min readJun 16, 2021

Hello there,

I have put off joining this platform for a while now (for no real reason other than laziness) but in an effort to write more and engage more in writers communities, here I am.

About Me

I am recently 23 years old and reside in the United Kingdom. I am an older sibling and a parent to two Guinea Pigs.

In 2020 I finished my Master's degree in Psychiatric Research and discovered I felt empty without a life of writing. I am extremely passionate about science writing and evidence-based work however, I also am passionate about creative writing. While I was at school, I began to write poems. Poetry became a medium of expression. It felt like a beautiful way to write about difficult and uncomfortable things. As I progressed more in my academic journey, from BSc to MSc, my ability to write creatively has fallen away from me. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with reading broadly too.

I have been unemployed since my degree came to an end last September. The pandemic that we all find ourselves stuck in hasn’t exactly been conducive to starting on the career path and I have been struggling with elements of my health. Employment and earning feel very far away, but I do what I can with the energy and time that I have.

I have been busying myself with writing a blog on WordPress and proofreading work on Fiverr. I also am using my time to volunteer both in the vaccination programme here in the UK but also for SHOUT, the mental health helpline. Sometimes I find myself wishing that this could be my life, that I could earn a living just by using my time to do things I enjoy. Sometimes I find myself grieving that I may never be able to work full-time, retrain in medicine (an idea I’ve had for a while now) or go back to my old, busy and active lifestyle. I’m sure everything will work out, life is strange like that.

Over the past 3 or so years I have been using the internet under the pseudonym “workingwithwellness”. It is the title of my WordPress blog and the names of my Instagram and YouTube accounts. I thoroughly enjoy being workingwithwellness, it carries with it a persona of confidence, something I currently, and have always lacked. At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder which was a great comfort to me. I have been in therapy since, and it has changed my life.

During the course of the pandemic, I found myself slowly, and then very rapidly, falling in love with horticulture, houseplants and the whole gardening world. At the moment, I live in my parents house. My partner and I share one main room for working and sleeping and I have fit as many plants in here as possible (although I believe I could probably fit more if I tried). I am also lucky enough to live close to my grandparents who have the most beautiful garden and allotment. I find great peace there.

As I am new to this platform, I don’t have the opportunity that some of the other authors who have written introductions have in welcoming you to read my other work. So instead, I invite you to join me for my journey on here.

I hope you are well and wish you a very good day :)



Charlotte Dormoy
About Me Stories

Hi, welcome. I’m new to Medium but I love writing about evidence-based lifestyle and personal stories. https://linktr.ee/workingwithwellness