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After nearly two months on Medium (yes, I’m a newcomer), I’ve decided to write about myself. While I’ve touched on personal aspects in most of my previous writings, but hey, let’s dive even deeper this time.

So.. who am I?

I’m Chel — I go by that name. It’s not my full name, of course, but I prefer it that way. I’ve chosen not to reveal my full identity because many of my writings draw from experiences that might involve others who may prefer to remain anonymous. So I write anonymously to respect their privacy.

So don’t be confused if I happen to share some photos of them and they’re either blurred or cropped — it’s for the sake of their privacy.

But that’s not like I’m trying to conceal everything. I openly share details about my background, past experiences, and current life with my readers. In case you don’t have the time to read all my work, here’s a brief overview of what I won’t hide:

My background

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Born and raised. Despite its flaws, I have a deep affection for this city that has nurtured me and witnessed my growth since I was a cranky little girl. I cherish the ease of getting around with its accessible transportation and the abundance of intriguing places to explore.

Photo by Achmad Al Fadhli on Unsplash

My love for my country, Indonesia, extends to its 14,000 unique islands, each with its own culture and traditions. I recommend exploring beyond Bali to discover the beauty of other islands, and I’m here to provide recommendations if needed.

Photo by Sangga Rima Roman Selia on Unsplash

I’m the youngest in my family and filled with stories to share. I have a niece, nephew, and partner who bring joy to my life, as do my supportive friends.

I still live with my parents in a modest home, with some beautiful plants on our front porch — courtesy of my mother’s green thumb. I can tell that I’m the family’s main breadwinner, supporting my retired father and my mother, who’s battling breast cancer. Despite the challenges, we find contentment in our lives.

I’ve written longer version pieces about my early life, my childhood, and how I grew up reflecting on it. You can read them here if you’re interested:

I come from a devout Muslim family, but haven’t embraced the same level of religious devotion. Still, I take pride in being a Muslim and find beauty in Islam’s spirituality and ethics. Living in a densely populated Muslim country with mosques, the call to prayer, and abundant halal food options adds to my appreciation. I’ve wrote about this too some time ago:

And… I’m 24 years old! Yes, I haven’t even reached a quarter of a century. Some may think I’m too young to experience things, or old enough to understand everything. I genuinely enjoy uncovering new things that contribute to my personal growth. There are plenty of moments ahead of me — or perhaps only God knows exactly how many.

Anything else?

I’m an INFJ, occasionally testing as an INFT. Shortly, I’m an introvert, but not the shy or withdrawn type. I lean more towards the laid-back, homebody side. On weekends with no plans, I prefer staying in bed watching Netflix or streaming platforms instead of actively seeking reasons to leave the house.

That doesn’t mean I dislike going out altogether. I enjoy socializing, but it’s not among my top five favorite activities. I’ll go out when necessary or for special occasions where I need to meet someone.

What do I do every day?

I write this while I’m at my office, during work hours (I hope my boss doesn’t stumble upon this piece, but just to clarify, I’ve already completed my tasks and have some leisure time to write this, okay, boss?). I work at a 9-to-5 job in an e-commerce startup that sells fresh produce. I enjoy my close-knit team and our office, which comes with daily free juices and discounts on fruits and veggies.

I majored in travel and tourism management, an unrelated field to my current job. Life’s career paths can be unexpected, doesn’t it? Still, I loved my studies, exploring cultures and attractions, from cities to remote places like the Baduy tribe, where I had an unforgettable 5-hour on-foot journey.

Photo by Alvian Hasby on Unsplash

I accumulated countless memories and invaluable lessons during my time studying, although these days, I don’t travel as extensively anymore. You know how it is; being an introvert. Nevertheless, I’ve had the chance to explore nearby locations like Singapore, Malaysia, and Bali on several occasions.

What are my interests or hobbies?

My hobby is quite easy to guess, isn’t it? Yes, it’s writing, occupying most of my spare time as I craft words about daily experiences and learning.

I also enjoy playing the guitar, strumming favorite songs from classics like “Hotel California” to Taylor Swift’s hits. I used to play pieces like “Romance d’amour” and “La Vie en Rose,” but I haven’t practiced them recently.

my guitar, and yes, I painted it by myself — photo by author

I enjoy painting, though I’m not a professional, and my motivation has waned due to the lack of art supplies. I paint on request or for special occasions, but writing is my main emotional outlet, where I feel most expressive.

my paintings, with some help from friends — photo by author

I’m a firm believer in sustainability (for the environment’s sake!), so I proudly repeat my outfits. I’m also a devoted fan of Marvel movies, with Bucky Barnes being my favorite character due to his inspiring character arc of redemption and self-acceptance. It encourages me to reflect on my own life and growth, which I wrote about some time ago:

Maybe I’ll consider especially writing about Bucky Barnes at some other time.

I love cats! And I’m passionate about Asian cuisine, especially fried rice!! It’s a culinary lifeline, that helps regain appetite in any circumstances. Love the diversity in fried rice flavors.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In school, I was the bookworm who carried loads of books, intriguing friends with my reading choices. But now, I favor the library and online articles, especially on Medium. Exploring authentic personal stories has deepened my appreciation for each person’s unique narratives and struggles, fostering connections through their words.

Why did I join Medium?

I started blog writing as a private outlet for my thoughts and feelings but changed my perspective after discovering a family member’s similar blog. This led me to consider sharing my experiences more publicly on larger blog platforms, thinking, why don’t I just do the same?

Then I found Medium with its captivating storytelling and sleek interface.

And it inspired me to start publishing my own drafts and submitting my work to publications. While facing early rejections, my writing improved, and most of my submissions are now accepted. Building a readership and forming friendships in the Medium community has been rewarding.

What’s something special about me?

Comparing myself to others’ introductions here, I may not have flashy accomplishments. But during school, I ranked 2nd in my class, attended a filmmaking workshop, and entered competitions, though I didn’t win.

I also tried writing a book but faced rejections from several publishers. It was my sole desire at the time, one of those dreams I thought I had to let go of. I also wrote about this once, about the death of my dreams — which you can find here:

But discovering this platform renewed my dream of becoming an author, and I now write personal pieces about my life experiences.

Now, I’m a part of multiple publications, with nearly hundreds of readers weekly. One of my articles was even selected for a Medium boost and received more than 1k claps, reigniting my passion for writing. This is the article if anyone is curious, it is also pinned on my profile:

Am I a writer now? Well, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Maybe this is the one thing I can take pride in. Currently, I’m not actively pursuing more milestones, even though I’m in the process of pursuing higher education abroad. But right now, my top priorities are maintaining good mental and physical health and living one day at a time.

I don’t have any main topics for my writings, as my mind is always abuzz with thoughts triggered by everyday occurrences, from passing cats to chirping birds and the wind against my face whenever the MRT passes by in front of me, much like Isaac Newton’s contemplation of simple events revealing profound concepts.

Wow, I ended up writing a lot about myself — my apologies. I’m relieved to have written this much, but it’s almost 5 p.m., marking the end of my work shift. I need to conclude, submit, sign out, and head home.

I’m not very active on social media, but you can reach me via email at writeschel@gmail.com if you’d like to connect or collaborate in the future.

I also have another personal blog for my self journaling which you can visit here:

I really want to join the Medium Partner Program for my work, but it’s not available in my country. So I’ve included a tipping link and a “Buy Me a Coffee” link for readers to support my work.

I have to go now as my ride is arriving. Let’s continue our conversation in my future writings. If you want to stay updated whenever I publish something new, you can subscribe or follow me. I always follow back.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and reading your stories!

Now I’m craving some fried rice. Writing about myself has drained my energy!

Talk to you soon!

Thank you for journeying your time through these words. If you’d like to show support, you can leave a tip below (next to the subscribe button) or buy me a coffee here. Wishing you safety and warmth!



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