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About Me — Cory Steele

I grew up in a small town in Idaho, but have always had a nomadic state of mind. Exploring new cultures and perspectives has been a core driving force for my life. I’m deeply curious about all the different ways one can go about being a human being. I have a deeply philosophical and spiritual outlook on life.

I was a quite and sensitive boy growing up. I was deeply observant, empathetic, and introspective. For those familiar with personality types; I’m an INFJ (Myers-Briggs) and an Individualist (Enneagram).

I also resonate with something psychologists call a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). This basically just means I process things deeply. Hence the love of deep intellectual and emotional conversations.

I started school in Utah studying criminal justice, but after a year I moved back to Idaho and switched to studying Depth Psychology. I continued to study consciousness, personality, archetypes, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Falling in love with a lot of the groundwork laid down by Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and other brilliant psychological minds.

I also studied stories and myth, picking up the work of Joseph Campbell. His blueprint of the psycho-spiritual maturation of the soul, or essence of a human being, really spoke to me. I found it fascinating that cultures across time and space have always had this as part of their culture.

After I graduated I wanted to get away from Idaho and venture out into the world. I set my sights on New York City. I wasn’t finding any work for several months after I moved there, so I decided to apply as a flight attendant to continue traveling around the world.

I continued to travel for three years until I felt pulled back into the mysteries of self-exploration and the question “who am I?”

I took some time off flying to answer “The Call to Adventure.”

My journey of self-exploration lead me to drink ayahuasca with shamans in Central America. Which was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I went on a multi-day wilderness quest in the mountains. Where I fasted for several days. No food, water, shelter, distractions, or anything else. Just me, and my thoughts. I studied Vedic knowledge of India and the Yogic perception of existence. I read over 300 books on philosophy, psychology, science, spirituality, and other topics in the “self-improvement” category.

I experimented and studied all the ways I could find to alter one’s state of consciousness.

Breath work, shamanism, esoteric philosophies of ancient mystery schools, Stoicism, Buddhism, fasting, dance, music, drumming, neuroscience, sacred geometry, cold therapy, chanting, meditation, and other ways of inducing transformation.

After years of deep work on myself I decided to open a business to help others. I became a certified life coach with a nature-based approach through a company based in Boulder. Since then I have been working as a life coach and Holistic Health Planner (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

This allowed me to put more of my skills and abilities to use.

I also currently work at an off-grid hot springs helping to restore it. Allowing me to disconnect from the noise of society, and reconnect with nature.

I am an avid reader, usually 2 books a week.

When I am not reading I can be found taking long walks (usually a couple of miles a day), bike riding, writing, listening to a podcast, hiking, meditating, practicing yoga (not just the movements, but philosophy as well), practicing archery, exploring the wilderness, and contemplating the deep questions of existence.

Most would see me as quiet and reserved, but that is because I believe in the power of words. I can enjoy long periods of silence, I don’t need to talk for the mere sake of filling the void with noise. When I speak, it is because I value the meaning of what needs to be said, and do my best to bring conscious awareness to the words I use. When I do talk it can be for hours and you might wish you never opened that Pandora’s Box.

(I suck at, and am drained by small talk)

I have a different relationship with death than most people. This is because of the mystical experiences I’ve encountered, but also because of several Near-Death Experiences. They served as a reminder that this life is so short, and this fuels the way I am in the world.

Death strips away all the bullshit. All the stories my mind tries to convince me are important. When that is gone I see life with a greater sense of clarity of what actually matters.

Service, kindness, authenticity. Knowing I am going to die at any moment allows me to say what I want, be what I want, and live for something beyond my small self.

I am passionate about passion. I’ve never lost my childlike curiosity and wonder about life. Exploring the limits of human potential is something that truly fascinates me.

I feel most alive when I am connecting with others in a long-form conversation where we talk about genuine, meaningful things. Sharing the depths of our souls, our purest essence.

Writing has always been part of my life. I started journaling when I was young, and continue to do so every morning and night. I also have a pocket journal with me at all times.

I believe we are all writers. We are all thinkers, and writing is just a medium for us to understand and express our thoughts. We all communicate, but our relationship with writing is dampened when we have to write what we don’t want to talk about. In essence, when we have to do it for the grade.

You will find most of my writing covers topics on philosophy, psychology, emotions, reality, consciousness, being human, self-development, and transformation.

I speak using a lot of metaphor, analogy, and allegory. I use a lot of quotes and references from stories and great thinkers throughout existence.

It is my way of sharing my mind and perspective with the world. Really that is all any of us have to offer each other. A small piece of what we believe about all of this, existence.



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