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About Me — Elle Canta

I write about navigating life with a weird brain.

You might notice I like lilacs. (Photo by author.)

Hello, and welcome to my crazy life.

I spent the better part of 40 years just trying to survive, and around 15 trying to figure out how to do more than that. Here I am in my fifties, just now ready to put all my hard work to the test. I’m excited to see what I can create, build, experience, and YES! write about.

I’ve been writing since my schoolteacher grandmother taught me at 3 years old. I’d scribble poetry on pieces of paper and tuck them into her apron while she was in the kitchen, or slip them into the purses or pockets of loved ones. I’ve journaled off and on, and had a blog of some kind since the internet took off. It was private until around 5 years ago. Opening it up and sharing with people I don’t know was the final step in getting me to admit I love writing. Now I find myself here, audaciously claiming to be a writer!

My farm in western Canada has been my hermitage, as I’ve been processing childhood trauma. I’m also learning to live with multiple diagnoses, serious mental illness. Throw in trying to be a better wife, mother, friend, human, and I’ve been busy. It was mere weeks ago that I decided to make writing my job.

When I’m not keeping house or helping my husband who works construction, I’m writing. I don’t know what kind of writer I’m going to be, but you’re invited into my process as I figure it out. I’ve found my blogging voice, which is what you’d hear if you were actually speaking with me, but I’m curious to discover what other styles of writing might be lurking in this magical noggin of mine.

Some Basics:

  • Gen X
  • Foodie
  • Bipolar
  • DID/dissociative (I call myself a multiple)
  • Married/mother/grandmother
  • Animated introvert
  • A bit artsy-fartsy
  • Love of all things cheesy, especially cheese
  • If it’s strange I probably dig it
  • I like to help/heal/teach
Soup is life. This is tonkatsu ramen. (Photo by author.)

So far, what I write about is me. I’ve written at length about my childhood. Not so much the graphic details, more about how what happened affected me. I write about my process; how I figure things out, make a plan, fall flat on my rump, get up, dust off, and try again… My life is one of healthy self-obsession. I’m honest and open about how serious my illnesses are, my personality flaws, how terrible my childhood was, and how much dysfunction I deal with as a result of it all. My gift is being able to problem solve and make small, sustainable changes to my life. I move slowly, but with intention. I’m a baby-stepper, and it works well for me.

Medium Stories

When I took the big I-Want-To-Be-A-Writer-OMG-What-Now?! step, I thought I’d be writing about one thing. I’d discovered I was good at the one thing, so as a person with a long history of avoiding even the potential for failure, staying in that lane made perfect sense. But my brain is loving looking at life through the lens of a storyteller. It’s been telling me, “Hey, you could write about that,” and “Ohhh, there’s a great story to be told, here!”

My vision for the writing I do on Medium is to give it the same treatment my blog gets. It’s my plan to help as many people as I can with whatever subjects I cover. However, I’m not much for step-by-steps, and I won’t be telling anyone what to do. I’m brutally honest yet unfailingly optimistic… Well, eventually. I will say shit if my mouth is full of it. I can wallow around in the muck for a bit, but I will always get to the good part. I’m a bit of a contrarian, a tad histrionic, and I love to laugh. I prefer a simpler kind of life, and fortunately, I’ve been able to get pretty close to it. I invite you to join me as I plod along towards life-ing better and happy-ing more. (Yes, murderizing the language IS my style, thank you very much.)

Have you hit the paywall? If you want to read one of my stories, send me a Private Note. I’ll send you a friend link for anything you’d like to read. If you’re thinking of signing up to be a member of Medium, I’d be grateful if you used my referral link, as they’ll pay me a portion of your fee:

By the way, I use a pseudonym because some of my abusers are still alive, and I’m estranged from toxic family members with no desire to reinitiate contact. Also, some of my content will be about sex, and I’m not keen on bumping into Susan at the grocery store after she reads about my sexual history. Ya know?

My dog is so photogenic. (Photo by author.)



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Elle Canta

Elle Canta

I write about childhood trauma and living as a bipolar multiple. Some poetry, ranty bits, and gritty stories told in lyrical language.