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I’m an introvert but I’m friendly

Fathiyah Zb
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Hi everyone!!

I’m Fathiyah, and I was born and raised in a Southeast Asian country named Malaysia. What’s Malaysia famous for? For me, Malaysia is famous for the Petronas twin towers, cultural diversity, delicious food, and fantastic beaches. I am a proud Malaysian!

Both of my parents are journalists, so writing is in my blood. However, I didn’t know I had a passion for writing until three years ago (late bloomer, I guess). I joined medium in September. In my opinion, Medium is an excellent platform for me to expand my horizon and meet other writers.

I’m passionate about reading. Although I have several hobbies such as swimming and drawing, reading can make me travel through time. On top of that, I’m also currently learning German, Arabic, and Greek.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. After graduating, I know a 9–5 job wasn’t for me. After three years of battling with my loathe for employment, I decided to quit and pursue my dream as a freelance writer.

I am an avid reader of poetry. I can spend hours reading poetry without getting bored. Besides poetry, self-help is also one of my favorite genres (healthy mind, healthy life).