About Me — Grace Louise

Stuck somewhere between grad school and giving myself over to acting.

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Who am I?

I’ve worn many identities in the past thirty-two years. I have been the chatty child and the quiet question. At one point, whenever I met anyone new, I’d say, “Hi, my name is Grace, I am divorced.” That identity lasted a good year in a half and it was awful. I have been the sexual abuse victim but I’ve also witnessed victims who became over-comers

I’m deeply reflective with many stories fixated inside my skull. I spend hours staring at paintings and even more hours contemplating the memories of yesterday. I lost my brother to an overdose and live with grief deep in my gut, in fact, I think he lives there and for now, that is still okay.

I currently live in North Dakota and while I miss the trees in the east (NC), I am in love with the sun that stays out until ten pm for many days in the summertime.

I live in a constant state of baby fever but refuse to give in because I hope to go backpacking for a month next summer.

Image by Zachary Leighton


It took me five schools and a decade to get my undergrad degree in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

I studied acting with Laura Henry (highly recommend) and dance at Broadway Dance Center as a professional student.

The Stuck Struggle

I’m currently in that in-between where I still have the dreams of my youth but I also burn for the next phase of my life. I really am stuck somewhere between going to grad school and giving myself over to acting. I work as a dance instructor & choreographer, write primarily non-fiction pieces, and recently became a certified personal trainer.

That Saying

You can only write about what you know.

I know about family, love, divorce, regret, emotions, mercy, health, fitness, nutrition, critical thinking, research, grief, psychology, religion, & trauma.

The chances are high that I will write on all of these subjects at some point.

I am here on medium with the hope that I can gain stronger writing skills and perhaps begin my quest to make a living as a freelance writer.

There are bits of my life that resemble a Stephen King novel and quite frankly I’m tired of being the only one who knows about it.

I bid you good morning, good afternoon, or good night from North Dakota and hope to connect with you on this world called medium soon.



You can also find me on my blog:


Writer of Non-fiction, Memoir, & Opinion Articles I Philosophy & Psych alumni I NASM Certified Trainer I Dance Educator I With a great love for hiking

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