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About Me — Grant Fuerstenau

A medical student with more hobbies than he can handle.

Hi everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

Me at our White Coat Ceremony a few weeks ago

A Little Background

My name is Grant Fuerstenau, and I was born in South Dakota but moved around a lot as a child, mainly due to my dad’s career. My family finally settled in Taylorville, IL, a small town just south of Springfield, IL, when I was eight. Like many kids who move around a lot as a child, it was a struggle making friends, but thankfully, my hometown of Taylorville provided me with a steady group that I’ve kept in contact with since I arrived in Taylorville. Following high school, I attended Southern Illinois University — Edwardsville (Go Cougars!) and graduated with my bachelors of science degree in 2020. After graduation, I decided to attend medical school at the University of Louisville School of Medicine where I just finished my first year! I’m not certain of which field of medicine I will end up in, so right now I’m keeping an open mind.

Medium for Me

I just recently joined Medium (within the past week) and have been loving the community. I have enjoyed writing since before high school, but I never had a place to share my work with and read others’ writing. Medium has been an amazing opportunity for me to do just that. A good friend of mine, Noah Nelson, suggested that I try Medium, and I have been hooked ever since.

I am currently writing about a variety of materials including history, sports, poetry, and about my experiences as a medical student and learner.

As a quick aside, if you are a lover of biographical history, I urge you to check out a new publication that Noah and I have started called The Biographical Historian. In this publication, Noah and I share interesting stories and tidbits on figures of US history that may go under the radar, so if this sounds like something you would enjoy, please look into us and consider contributing as a writer!

A Few Hobbies

As I alluded to in my subtitle, I have a lot of hobbies. In no particular order, here are a few:

  1. Genealogy — A project during my sophomore year of college got me hooked.

2. US History — I love history, specifically the American Revolution.

3. Geography — A friend of mine and I randomly started memorizing countries, capitals, and flags back in 7th grade, and we’ve never lost interest ever since. It’s truly a great conversation starter.

4. Sports — I am a basketball, Pittsburgh Steelers, and St. Louis Blues fanatic.

5. Reading — US History is my favorite, but I also enjoy a good fiction novel, especially with a historical twist.

6. Writing — Historical synopses are my favorite right now, but I also love writing fiction and the occasional poem.

7. Chess — My dad taught me how to play a long time ago. I took a long break from chess but have recently delved even deeper.

My pandemic graduation pictures

Thank you for taking the time to read about me! I hope we can connect in the future!




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Grant Fuerstenau

Grant Fuerstenau

Medical Student | Inquirer | Lover of Medicine, Sports, Science, History, and Geography | Editor of The Biographical Historian

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