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About Me — Kim Kelly

Espresso enthusiast. PNW native. Full-time RV traveler. From leadership to relationships, life is best lived authentically free.

The author — photo by Steve Johnston

Hello everyone! I’ve been on Medium for a few months now and decided it was finally time to post my introduction. I’m grateful to have a writer’s platform like Medium to spread my writing wings!

I recently retired after a successful career as a business director for a group of physical therapy clinics in the Pacific Northwest. I have been writing for the bulk of my adult life and was fortunate to have several articles published in Impact Magazine (a publication of the American Physical Therapy Academy). I also sat on the editorial board for Impact, which was an enlightening experience. Additionally, I do some public speaking which I enjoy.

Now, I am thrilled to be writing for personal satisfaction. My main areas of interest could be condensed into the word AUTHENTICITY. Whether it is leadership, management, parenting, or relationships, life is best lived authentically. Perhaps my passion comes from spending years in the closet.

I upended my life at the tail end of my 40’s, and, while it was difficult, I am so grateful to be living transparently and happily. I was also lucky to discover the love of my life, and we have had a fantastic journey these last 12 years. We retired together, sold our home, and have been traveling in a 21-foot teardrop trailer since the fall of 2021. What a crazy ride we are on!

I have three grown children and a grandson that captured my heart the moment he was born. I am an espresso enthusiast and enjoy making Americanos each morning with fire-roasted beans from a roaster in Austin, TX. This is my reason for getting out of bed each morning!

I am still finding my bearings with my writing. I desire to write a memoir in the same fashion as Glennon Doyle’s wildly successful book, Untamed. I also am interested in writing a novel and publishing articles in magazines. It’s all a work in progress.

If you’d like to read more about my coming out story, you can find it here

If this is the type of content you are interested in, I’d appreciate a follow.

Thank you to the editors for the About Me publication for all you do!



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Kim Kelly Stamp


Writer. Speaker. Espresso enthusiast. LGBTQIA. Writing about retirement, RV travel, and personal transformation. Contact: Kim@kimkellywrites.com