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About Me — Laura Papavero

Italian, linguist, former expat, a little bit nerd, multilingual…and many other things!

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Hello there! Laura from Northern Italy is writing! I introduce myself by saying that I am 30 (31 next April, I am a proud Aries) and at the moment I am a jobseeker.

A little bit of my path

After my BA in Linguistic Sciences in 2012, I went to Austria for a volunteer project in 2013 thanks to the European Voluntary Service. Even though the plan was to stay there for an year, I felt in love with a local and lived in Carinthia until the beginning of 2020.

I’ve always been passionate about languages (I speak English, German, French and a little bit of Spanish) and I wanted to do an experience abroad to improve my skills. Bad luck for me, I did never question myself what I wanted to do in my life, so when I had the opportunity to stay in Austria with what I thought to be the love of my life, I accepted it.

Many things happened there, but in a nutshell I can say that it was a formative experience. I used to be shy, angry about my past (bullied throughout my school years, experienced discouragement since 1990 from negative people), introvert, I blamed myself and talked bad to my inner side, I was always a poor victim…until I came back home in January 2020. My relationship was over and I had to go back living with my family, in my hometown.

What you will find on my profile

I write about several things:

  • my personal path: relationships, self-development, my experiences in Austria and France, what I’ve learnt so far from my mistakes;
  • tips on language learning, positivity…and all the ideas I will come up!

As I stated before, I used to be pessimistic. Thanks to a self-development path I started one year ago, I’ve been changing my way of thinking. It is quite difficult to change your perspective in the middle of a pandemic, if you’re writing your never ending MA thesis and you get no answers from your job applications. But I do believe that a positive mind leads to positive thoughts, which lead to positive actions, and finally to positive energy that comes back.

Facts about me

  • I love reading and writing! Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be here! I started reading Tolkien’s novels when I was 13. Reading about another world helped me escaping from my world, which I saw as negative because of the experiences I was living. Basically LOTR is my Bible.
  • Now I also read about self-development, narrative, psychological stuff…and I am working on my own book.
  • I love watching American comedies, but also TV series and films of DC and Marvel. My favourite TV series is Arrow. In case you’re wondering…yes, I am still recovering from Oliver Queen’s sacrifice. At least, Felicity is with him.
  • I started to meditate one month ago and really recommend it. It helps me to stay focused on my goals and be calm (I am not a calm person at all!). I also do yoga (started more than four years ago) and I really miss the opportunity to attend yoga courses in person!
  • I listen to music in several languages and even in Neapolitan dialect, which is the dialect of my family. I was born and raised in Lombardy, but my roots belong 100% to South Italy.

To sum it up:

My life experiences contributed to shape the person I’ve become, but I do think that developing a personal identity is an on-going process, as things in life happen every day. However, it is our way of reacting to things that happen that distinguishes us. I hope my readers will enjoy my articles thinking that the articles I write may be useful and/or interesting.

My social media profiles:

IG: laura.papavero / mamma_torno / la_disoccupata_non_in_crisi

My blogs: Mamma Torno (Italian) and My European Adventures (notonlyvienna-notonlymilano.blogspot.com) (multilingual).



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