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About Me — Lazarina Stoy

Marketing Storyteller | Data Science, NLP, and Automation Geek | Tech SEO Analyst | Full-time Servant of Two Cats


I come from an interesting background. My family is poor, yet wealthy — rich in those things in life that truly matter. My mother has taught me to be ambitious, persistent, and curious. My dad taught me to enjoy the simple things in life and live every day like my last one.

Fun Facts About Me

I can make killer cocktails, having worked in hospitality for several years.

May kayaking and Kune kanu-ing. Sea vs mountain views. 🤩

My Story on Medium

I absolutely enjoy writing to educate. And that is mostly what I do here, on Medium.

  • marketing
  • business and strategy
  • technology
  • self, or mostly — self-improvement

My Publication

Bite-sized Marketing

Bite-sized Marketing is an all-things marketing publication, which I use for hosting some interesting bits of information I come across. You will find there things like guides, tutorials, and industry updates. It features articles on these topics:

  • SEO
  • AI Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media
  • Analytics & Technology
  • Advertising

My Collections

6 Lessons From

‘6 Lessons From…’ is a format I have been using to summarize what companies have been doing right in a given area. An area, I typically attribute the majority of their success to.

SEO Guides

SEO guides are something I love working on, as it lets me bring in my consultancy skills to a larger audience and educate people about how to best tackle this very misunderstood area of digital marketing.

Data Studio

Data Studio has been my addiction for a while now. Here is what I have shared so far on the topic of data visualization:

Want more? Let’s chat.

I am always open to making new connections.

Lazarina Stoy laying down on a beach on a sunny day, dressed up in winter clothes
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Lazarina Stoy

talks about freelancing, productivity, marketing, and data science • SEO & Data Science Manager • other work on @ lazarinastoy.com 🌊