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About Me — Lazarina Stoy

Marketing Storyteller | Data Science, NLP, and Automation Geek | Tech SEO Analyst | Full-time Servant of Two Cats

Hello and thanks to everyone, who decided to spend five minutes of their busy day to learn more about me.

My name is Lazarina.

I am a full-time SEO & Data Science Manager at a full-service, large-scale enterprise digital marketing agency. I’m also a content creator in the SEO & data science niche, a writer on Medium, and a freelancer.

With this story, I would love to formally introduce myself, let you in on who I am, what makes me happy, and what you can expect from seeing my name pop up in your Medium feed.

Thanks for being here.


I come from an interesting background. My family is poor, yet wealthy — rich in those things in life that truly matter. My mother has taught me to be ambitious, persistent, and curious. My dad taught me to enjoy the simple things in life and live every day like my last one.

I studied abroad (in the UK, and in Germany) and used any opportunity I can to travel and connect with people all over the world. I graduated in bonnie bonnie Scotland with a Joint BA in Management and Marketing, and later with an MSc in Information Management, specializing in Natural Language Processing.

I am obsessed with efficiency. This translates into a passion for spotting improvement opportunities in everything I do, making me a close ally to advanced technologies and avid data science, machine learning, and analytics geek. I automate any task I can get my hands on and while very new to the field, am quite keen to get my hands dirty, anyway I can.

As a marketer, I have dipped my toes into many different areas, starting work at 15 years old! Over the years, I have worked as a product, event, and club promoter, graphic designer, as well as in PR, campaign, and social media management, finally landing in the wonderland of SEO. I have owned and been involved in super-cool projects and made a lot of friends along the way.

Another thing I truly love is learning. The best part about learning for me is sharing what I’ve learned. I love connecting the dots between theory and practice, finding patterns, and discussing science accessibly.

In my spare time, I help others in any way I can. This makes me happy.

I dream of having a small house, full of life, where a big, happy family resides. I can’t wait to share my journey (and the lessons that come with it) with you.

Fun Facts About Me

I can make killer cocktails, having worked in hospitality for several years.

My favorite solo activity is swimming.

I spend on average about 10 hours each week on various volunteering projects.

I trained in karate for over 10 years.

I love competing and have participated in many competitions throughout my life. One highlight that comes to mind is becoming a finalist for the UK’s search for Acecco’s CEO for a Month, where was amongst the top three finalists.

My main struggle in life at the moment is getting my two (otherwise very happy) cats to be happy with one another. (*October Update: Cats are happily co-existing, so moving on to another struggle — buying a house and moving away from the city).

The coolest thing I did in May so far was kayaking. The same goes for June! Pics for show below.

May kayaking and Kune kanu-ing. Sea vs mountain views. 🤩

The coolest thing I did in July was to start a new job.

In August I started doing Yoga (*Still going strong), and also took a break from Medium that lasted all the way to mid-October — I guess it was much needed.

In September, I spoke at my first ever conference and launched my own website — lazarinastoy.com.

My Story on Medium

I absolutely enjoy writing to educate. And that is mostly what I do here, on Medium.

What does this mean?

I love writing tutorials, sharing cool studies, analyzing companies and events, writing about concepts that I come across, making connections of real-life events to scientific work, and sharing my bizarre, yet somehow soundly-justified predictions about the world.

From me, you could expect a wide array of articles, which all can loosely be boiled down to these four topics:

  • marketing
  • business and strategy
  • technology
  • self, or mostly — self-improvement

I am a proud writer for a number of big publications here on Medium, both bigger ones, such as The Startup, Towards Data Science, Better Marketing, The Post-Grad Survival Guide, but also for smaller ones such as Predict and Dialogue & Discourse.

My Publication

Bite-sized Marketing

Bite-sized Marketing is an all-things marketing publication, which I use for hosting some interesting bits of information I come across. You will find there things like guides, tutorials, and industry updates. It features articles on these topics:

  • SEO
  • AI Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media
  • Analytics & Technology
  • Advertising

If you are interested in contributing, leave a private note on some of the articles in the publication, and let’s take it from there.

My Collections

6 Lessons From

‘6 Lessons From…’ is a format I have been using to summarize what companies have been doing right in a given area. An area, I typically attribute the majority of their success to.

‘6 Lessons From…’ articles are in-depth case studies for well-known companies, the aim of which is to educate marketers and leaders on different aspects of their profession. They feature in-depth academic research and are super comprehensive and fun to read (or, so I’ve heard).

Here is a few of them, published for Better Marketing:

SEO Guides

SEO guides are something I love working on, as it lets me bring in my consultancy skills to a larger audience and educate people about how to best tackle this very misunderstood area of digital marketing.

Here are a few of the guides I have written, which you might find helpful:

Data Studio

Data Studio has been my addiction for a while now. Here is what I have shared so far on the topic of data visualization:

Want more? Let’s chat.

I am always open to making new connections.

Whether you’d like to chat with me about the state of your site, a cool data science project you need a hand with, something I wrote, how to create an urban jungle or life in general — I would be happy to engage.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, or shoot me an email at lazarina.stoy@gmail.com.

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Lazarina Stoy

Lazarina Stoy

talks about freelancing, productivity, marketing, and data science • SEO & Data Science Manager • other work on @ lazarinastoy.com 🌊