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About Me — Lipika Sahu

Introvert, Thinker, Prankster, Non-judgemental, and Kindness Practitioner

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A past tumor in my spinal cord and a failed business are two things I wear with pride on my sleeves. Proud, not because I failed- but because I have come out stronger and happier on the other side.

Hi! I am Lipika Sahu. I am 24-year-old(that’s what I always feel), though the strands of grey within my mane might reveal my real calendar age of 40- wait, 39, because I did not get to use 2020. I am not counting that.

I am an engineer by education but pursued banking as a profession. I did my management studies and was at the peak of my career when I was detected with a rare tumor in my spine.

So, I resigned from my job, left my two- and-half-month-old daughter with my mother, and was admitted to the hospital. After a seven and half hours long, arduous surgery and a ten-day stay, I finally got rid of that tiny mass but was quasi-paralyzed.

It took me almost a year and a half to walk -with a limp. But I was in a hurry to hold my daughter when she learns to walk. That was my only motivation.

Cut to six years later; I was in a business. All in. But despite every effort, it failed. Lost quite a sum in that. Not counting the stress, sleepless nights, and anxiety(remnants of which still surface at times). I have encountered horrible days that would have sounded ridiculous before.

But today, I do not have any regrets about having ventured on that adventurous trip. I am just taking away the satisfaction that I am emotionally equipped to handle failure.

Enough of heavy stuff.

I am a full-time writer these days. I was recently introduced to Medium, and it was love at first sight. I love writing about self-development, motivation, life lessons, writing experiences, parenting, and humor. I am an ardent thinker and a staunch believer in the power of self-talk.

I love playing pranks on my friends and family- though, at times, it irritates them. But hey, it comes with the package. Before mobile portability came into existence, I would have a new contact number every time I hopped from one city to another. And my favorite thing was to call up people and impersonate someone else. What fun!

I believe that kindness is an act that needs to be practiced by all. I derive a lot of happiness and satisfaction when I am able to be of some help to someone. I am that person who would teach sudoku to senior citizens, who would be on her guard if I see a lone child and would keep trailing till assured that a responsible adult is somewhere near, and also that person who would let the mother of a fussy kid jump the line ahead of me. I seize every opportunity to hone my kindness skills.

My interests are quite diverse. I find myself lost in books, and cooking. Psychology and spirituality intrigue me. Music and writing calm me.

And hence, I am here and see myself here for a long time.



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