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About Me — M.A. Mercier

A writer, reader, football enthusiast and a humble student.

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About me
My top ten performing articles are-
5 Slept on Articles-
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Hello there! I am M.A. Mercier(as far as you know), and I am here to read and write about anything that stimulates my mind. I am only 16, so don’t judge my writing, or opinions, and don’t be shy to let your opinions be known either.

As you might have gathered by my age, I am officially a student. I am applying to universities for admission in the English Literature course and will be joining in fall 2022. Pray that I get admission, please.

I write mainly about literature, writing, art and music, while sometimes indulging in different topics. I am not one to think of niching down, as you might have guessed. I do not have any pets, nor do I wish to. I used to travel.

I find myself gravitating towards more artsy stuff, but I do not consider myself a nerd, others do, but not me. For example, I prefer Kids See Ghosts over, say, Charlie Puth. Not every time, though! I love Bruno Mars, well you get the point.

I love building on and thinking about ideas that interest me. If you can, post a sentence to think about for me in the comments, and I will probably write an article about it.

Do I play sports? Yes. I play football and badminton regularly(should be read as regularly during normal times). I am quite out of touch on professional badminton, I’d rather just play it. Football, though, I love following as much as playing. Any football fan can wave at me in the comments, but let it be known that I am a culer and will not hear a word against Leeds. I know they are not connected.


My top ten performing articles are-

I am not very proud of this one, it is too…stiff. But, it did well, so did I start writing more articles like this? No. I never will. I wouldn’t recommend to be honest.

This one, though, is great. If you search respect Olivia Rodrigo on google, this one is the first post to show up(above vanity fair and other music journals that have published the album’s review). How do I know this? 22.7% of the traffic on this one is from Google.

I also think I nailed this review, by the way.

This is actually my first ever curated article, and that is because it is published in The Riff. None of my articles have been organically curated yet, but I am waiting. This is the only article that has clear viral potential, too, and I have not done it again because I do not think I should do that unless I have a great idea.

This is a sweet, but, in my opinion, not very helpful article. I would not have liked reading it to be completely honest. The ending is underwhelming.

This is exactly the type of articles that I talk about when I talk about my signature articles. Not that I talk about that every day, but you get the point. If you read one article from me, read this. Please.

This one is great, too. I like this one more than I probably should. It isn’t objectively good, and I know that. I just love O. Henry, and I loved writing this.

Honestly, I think this is one of the nicer 2020 posts on all of the internet. I am kidding of course, but this is genuinely one of my favourite pieces. It is nice.

Imma be honest. I think this is slept on. I think this deserves much more views than a few of the articles above. Especially because I listened to two dense albums multiple times in order to not write anything wrong.

I enjoyed this, but I can understand that this is not very interesting to most writers on Medium. I get it.

Am I the only one who thinks this got more than it deserved? I wrote this as a filler because I wasn’t feeling like writing. Anyway, it is what the title says, how every story of mine is.

5 Slept on Articles-

This is a nine-minute read that I spent hours writing. If only I could get those hours in the form of member reading time! My stories aren’t even paywalled, so basically I am just asking for attention. Which is sad.

This was fun to write, and it is great to read too if you ask me. But for some reason, it did not get as much attention. Read if you are interested!

I think this is very good. What more can I say? This segment is making me embarrassed. I am asking hungrily for attention. Yikes.

I consider this one of my best, and it has a grand total of 3 views. Wow.

This is my best short story. The only one that I have posted to Medium. Enjoy.

I am M.A. Mercier. Here are my-


Goodreads- mamercier I am trying to increase my amount of reviews, but not there yet.

Substack- MA Mercier A free monthly newsletter that will include a monologue on literature, art and music, linking all the best articles, videos and podcasts I found in the month.

Smashwords- MA Mercier favourite me for my next book, if I ever drop one, but do not purchase the existing one, read it here for free.

My Target For Medium:

Medium is a place to build a community for me. I do not think Medium is something I would want to do for a living, and that is why I haven’t enrolled in the Medium Partner Program. I will probably do that sometime in the future, probably to pay back the Medium Membership when I do pay for it, and a coffee or two.

I love the people here, and I definitely am here to support many of the people on this platform, but I won’t name them, because I cannot be trusted on for not forgetting anyone and souring the relationship. Anyway, I am happy to be on Medium at the moment and hope to keep writing on Medium for at least a few decades.

Let me know your thoughts. I wanna devour them, and reply to them. Strike wonderful conversations and pose interesting questions. I am here. But, I am an introvert, so beware.

That’s it then!



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M.A. Mercier

M.A. Mercier


I am MA Mercier. I am interested in anything and everything! I am here to write about things that amaze me, things I am curious about.