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About Me — Mandy Capehart

I am insanely interested in all of the things!

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Hi, new friends!

It’s an honor that you would make time to read my story.

My job title has changed a number of times, but the undercurrent of learning never stops.

In addition to being a writer and editor, my background includes coffee, wine education, travel, finance, teaching, journalism, anthropology, religion/spirituality, music, cooking, graphic design, marketing, social media, storytelling, interpersonal communication, personal development, photography, public speaking, large event coordination… at what point does a hobby become a resume line item?

I’m also a small business owner, a mom, a wife since ‘07, and PNW native. I read around 50–60 books a year. I’m a “show, not tell” kind of human — as often as it’s possible.

Here on Medium, I’ve recently started a new publication called “Ask A Grief Coach.” My hope is to offer empathetic grief support in a public forum specifically for those who have unasked questions. Maybe we don’t know what we need to hear until we hear it.

I am a certified life coach, focusing on cognitive behavioral techniques. My passion is to move the needle for someone; anyone — through relationship, writing, or advocacy.

I am also a certified grief coach and founder of The Restorative Grief Project. The Restorative Grief Project is an online community focusing on one another’s stories and new methodologies for grief, creating a safe environment for our souls to heal and our spirits to be revived. My first book was just published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, titled Restorative Grief: Embracing our losses without losing ourselves. You can check it out for yourself here!

To learn more about The Restorative Grief Project, check out www.mandycapehart.com/grief.

Sometimes I get a little spicy; a little salty on social media. I am definitely not for everyone.

But what’s life without some flavor?
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Let’s work together!

Best Way to Connect: MandyCapehart.com

  1. Restorative Grief Project
    Join us at www.mandycapehart.com/grief!
  2. Content and copy editing, and content creation
    Hourly rates.
    I am available for Medium articles as well as larger projects.
  3. Design & marketing work
    Hourly and project rates.
    I am available for small business story and ad development.
    Just starting out? You have a story to tell; I have the words to help.
  4. Coaching via Zoom
    Schedule a consultation!
    Accepting new clients for life & grief coaching in 2021.
  5. The Uncomfortable Grace Podcast
    We are always on the lookout for courageous storytellers and earth shakers. Men and women with bumpy roads, willing to share the details of their failures and the gracious circumstances of their recovery.
    Check out our ‘cast and if you’re interested in collaborating, connect!

My monthly newsletters include exclusive writings, project updates, and referrals to other beautiful creatives in my community. I would be THRILLED to learn more about your projects as well!

Subscribe: https://www.mandycapehart.com/contact-page/

A few pieces I’m quite proud to share:



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Mandy Capehart

Mandy Capehart

Writing about grief, beliefs, & psych/mindfulness. Editor of Ask a Grief Coach. Happily Tweeting & doing other “Very Good Things.” I apologize in advance.