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About Me — Matheus Zeuch

System analyst. Support team manager at SAP. Co-founder of Brabov. Aspiring author.

This is me. Picture provided by the author.

Hello! My name is Matheus Zeuch and this is my About Me post.

First of all, I’d like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and that you have a 2022 full of health, peace, love, and success.

In this post, I’ll write a little bit about me, following exactly the questions suggested in the About Me publication, which I came to know by Noelle Beauregard, from whom I got my first Medium comment from.

Where are you from?

I’m gaucho, from the south of Brazil. Which means I love churrasco. And as a good Brazilian, I like to play soccer, but no, I don’t know how to dance samba (probably due to my German descent).

Me making a good "picanha".

What do you do for a living?

I have a background in IT, where I’ve started my career as a web developer. Today I work as support team manager at SAP, the best IT company to work for in Brazil (literally).

I’m also co-founder of a startup called Brabov, which is an app for farmers to manage their cattle.

What are your Medium goals?

I started to write mainly to improve my communication skills (both on writing and English, as my second language), but also to put my thoughts in order and clarity, and to share what I learn or think about certain topics. If I enjoy writing (and people enjoy reading it), then I’d like to challenge myself to turn this into a profitable income stream.

Talk about your partner/kids/family!

I’m a family guy, happily married to a lovely woman with which I have a 2yo son. They are my most precious thing in life.

Me with my wife and son.

What makes you unique?

I’m a generalist. I have a multidisciplinary mind. Only having interests in a wide range of fields and subjects doesn’t make anyone unique. What makes a person unique is the combination of the different areas of interest of that person.

In my case, some of those interest areas (not in any specific order) are technology (internet, systems, AI, blockchain, and others), business (startups, business models, investments, innovation, logistics), leadership, communication, personal growth, parenting, career development, coaching, productivity, psychology, behaviorism, self-defense, privacy, security, healthy lifestyle, magic, space exploration, history, futurology, gardening, and the Bible.

Any cool experiences?

I like action sports and had practiced surfing, skydiving, shooting, karting, rafting, martial arts, and others. If we ever have a conversation at a bar or cafe, we could probably talk about some experiences I had in those sports, like when the skydiving plane’s engine stopped mid-air; or the many times I thought I’d die while surfing.

Other than that I also had some crazy experiences during my business travels, like when two corrupt policemen approached me in the airport of Caracas, Venezuela; or when I almost got robbed in Mexico; or even when I found myself exactly in the middle of a shooting between robbers and the police in Brazil.

If those experiences are cool or not it’s up to you.

Which topics do you like to write about on Medium?

I’ve listed before many of the topics I like studying, reading, or talking about. It would be nice to also write about them as they prove relevant to my readers and as I have something interesting to write about them.

But right now I’d like to start writing about personal growth and career development, which are topics that are currently more actives in my daily work.

What pets do you own?

I’m a dog person, and today I’ve two small dogs. As long as I remember we almost always had dogs in the family.

My dogs.

Where have you traveled to in the world that resonated with you?

The travels themselves are what resonates with me, not a specific place. I like to travel in general, meet new places, new cultures, new people. I like airports and hotels. I like going to the cafes in every city I visit to watch people passing by. I’ve been in tens of countries, either for business or leisure, which includes most of the Latin America ones but also USA, Canada, Germany, and Spain, and each travel is a new and unique experience and adventure.

What else?

Those were good questions to give you a short introduction about who I am. I’ll be sharing more about my experience in my articles.

Feel free to reach out and feel invited to follow me on Medium to read my posts.




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