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I am “likkle but tallawah,” as my Caribbean brethren from Jamaica say.

Melissa A. Matthews
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I’m a 4'9, 90 lb storyteller whose stories and experiences are taller, heavier, and more far reaching than I might have ever imagined.

As a teenager growing up in Brooklyn NY, I thought I’d die at twenty-one. I had a dream in which I watched myself die. I lived with reckless abandon. By the time I was twenty-five , I’d accomplished every goal I’d written down from zero to sixteen. I got a degree in painting, opened an arts nonprofit, exhibited internationally, wrote stories, and sold my art.

I spent my late twenties trying to figure out what a life without striving for those goals would look like. That meant finding love and finding myself in my cultural home of Trinidad and Tobago.

In my thirties, my journey has been defined not by what I do but who I am. I am a woman on a journey toward inner peace and manifestation in all aspects of my life. I exercise everyday, I’m two years into veganism and seven years into owning several businesses with my twin sister and one with my partner.

I am an Afro-Trinidadian American woman living in Trinidad. I am a 35 year old mother, partner, and storyteller. I am one whose stories are written, eaten, listened to, stared at and used to help other people tell their stories.

Mostly to those that know and love me, I am Mel.

I am Melissa A. Matthews, but I don’t tell people what the A stands for and that’s my business.

Melissa writes frequently about life, work, parenting, food, and what it means to traverse this world as a Black woman. You can find more of her writing here. If you’re into food check out her food writing here.